1. M Bornong

    "Something Strange" - Hurriyah car bombing video seems staged

    This video came across my facebook feed, it seems to show someone planting a car bomb, then driving off. The car explodes, seconds later people run into the view of the camera, some fall to the ground and are then helped by the others. [Mod: First video...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: Photo claiming to be Iraqi Chemical WMDs in Syria [Photo is actually in Utah]

    A meme being shared on Facebook claims to show that Iraqi WMDs have been found in Syria. However the photo shows US chemical weapons in a depot in Utah, in the USA. The use of this image in a misleading way is not new, it was...
  3. Leifer

    Gross and misleading titles.....(Iraq and Pakistan war deaths)

    At some point, maybe there will be a forum subject on "Gross and Misleading Titles", in which people can post the titles of such an internet claim / title......and then clarify the titles more to the truth, if they become semi-viral on the net. (EDIT: although such posts may better be posted in...
  4. NotQualified

    Claim: Pictures show Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent named Simon Elliot

    I took a quick look through the forums and hadn't seen this anywhere. First thread, hope I'm not treading old ground with this. The claim and pictures were found on a blog claiming to be the "real free Syrian press". I don't know which side of the conflict this puts the blogger one (both...