'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy engineered via chemtrails

ugg. this one is making the rounds... http://www.henrymakow.com/operation-sandy.html

We dont trust the government! that is except some links to nasa for images. so i guess we trust nasa and their evil science to build and operate satellites, but anything past that is paid for by NWO/someone? cherry picking mother fucker.
Nothing new for us, just some joined scenes from other well-known videos...

...but our referent thinks, the sunligthed contrails before dawn are red and that means "they spaying Blood!"

Full title of ths Video:

"TOP SECRET Mission - Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD Cause Face to Face Near Mid-Air Collisions !!!"

This one was just over the top for most, even the chemtrail believers.

Tammy Stillwater that was fascinating...but i almost did'nt watch it. the whole 'blood' thing kinda makes it lose credibility right off the bat. if not for that, i would share it with a pilot friend of mine to get his take on it...however, he would blow it off immediately b/c of the stupid title. even morons know that's not blood. geez. but, it's VERY interesting to see them from the air. and so, i guess their point is this is the USAF doing the spraying???
SR1419 asked about the following RevMichelle vid over the pineapple express that just blew through the PacNW:

??? HAARP - Sonic Undulation - DISCOVERED CREATING West Coast 'FRANKENSTORM' !!! ?

That vid is showing a highly processed animation from Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS - Total Precipitable Water. The MIMIC - TPW imagery in RevM's vid uses data from different satellites to produce an animation of potential precipitation in the atmosphere. There's a link to the product description at the bottom of the main page. Artifacts are sometimes rampant on those animations. They're totally meaningless, just ghosts in the machine.

From the MIMIC-TPW description page:


"As stated above, this technique is highly sensitive to biases between the different satellite instruments' calibration and/or retrievals of TPW. Even slight differences between retrievals can create two easily discernable artifacts in the animation: 1) The appearance of data swath edges throughout the image domain, and 2) The apparent "pulsing" of various high-TPW areas, especially in areas of precipitation."

MIMIC-TPW home page:

I noticed in the description for that vid that RevM said "I was asked to do this video, because of the unnatural weather assault on our west coast...".

So I just wanted to post a little something about west coast weather. The recent heavy rain and wind event is what's called a Pineapple Express, a "river" of moisture that gets pulled up from the tropics near Hawaii and directed into the west coast where that moisture gets "wrung out" of the atmosphere when it hits the coast. Pretty much an annual event for the west coast, it's just a matter of degree, where the core of the moisture hits and how many times a season we get nailed. Interesting subject, those Rivers in the Sky.

At any given time, somewhere between three and five atmospheric rivers are typically ferrying water in each hemisphere. More than 1,000 kilometers long, they are often no wider than 400 kilometers and carry the equivalent, in water vapor, of the flow at the Mississippi River’s mouth. “That has really captured the imagination of scientists,” says Marty Ralph, also a meteorologist at the Boulder lab. “There are only a handful of these events, and yet they do the work of transporting 90-plus percent of water vapor on the planet.”

Here are some highlights for the past 6 years of Pineapple Express events written by a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at U. of Washington in Seattle.


Commentary about a comparable storm in December 2007 demonstrating the Dec. 2012 event is not unprecedented:

On top of this, a major "pineapple express" was carried ashore. In short, a degrading super-deep cyclone, combined with a very juicy pineapple express, moved on a southeast sucker path. Somewhat of a mixture of December 12, 1995, January 9, 1990 and November 10, 1983 (or see December 14, 2002).

One point that should not be overlooked is that in the Pacific Northwest a storm equivalent to, or even stronger than Sandy is practically an annual event. Any of the comments I've seen on youtube from people allegedly living on the west coast that say they've never seen anything like the recent weather either have not lived here more than a couple of years, not been paying attention, don't remember or are flat out lying.

SR1419 asked about the following RevMichelle vid over the pineapple express that just blew through the PacNW:

??? HAARP - Sonic Undulation - DISCOVERED CREATING West Coast 'FRANKENSTORM' !!! ?

That vid is showing a highly processed animation from Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS - Total Precipitable Water. The MIMIC - TPW imagery in RevM's vid uses data from different satellites to produce an animation of potential precipitation in the atmosphere. There's a link to the product description at the bottom of the main page. Artifacts are sometimes rampant on those animations. They're totally meaningless, just ghosts in the machine.

From the MIMIC-TPW description page:


MIMIC-TPW home page:


Isnt the RevMichelle just brilliant. She posted this video a few months back and I love the way she just makes stuff up.

When she talks about Ascension Island, apart from the fact the island is only 8 miles across at its widest part, she tries to make it out to be some secret base according to her "airforce contact". Hells bells, even I have visited there on my way down to the Falklands and I can assure you secrecy is just a word to me. But she could have just Googled and found out


There are loads of things happening on there from the BBC to ESA and the military as it is in an ideal spot in the middle of nowhere. Fair play to her, after a bombardment of information, she has made some adjustments to the description, as well as now allowing comments, but still it is something sinister. My favourite bit is her description of a "space fence". Now I admit I have never seen that but there is a possibility that it is a fence as the island is covered in goats.

From the FB pages I follow there are increasing numbers of people buying in to what she is putting out there.
poor lady, I guess she has never looked a map well, I heard of Ascesion Island years ago.

Sorry, new to some things, what is a TTA?

Q: Isn't Ascension just a military base?

A: No. While we play host to both a RAF and USAF presence, we also host the BBC World Service South Atlantic Relay Station and a European Space Agency "Ariane" tracking station among other facilities. Other economic activities include philatelic sales and commemorative coins, and a decision was recently taken to start selling commercial fishing licenses.
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The island is the location of RAF Ascension Island, which is a Royal Air Force station with a United States Air Force presence, a European Space Agency rocket tracking station, an Anglo-American signals intelligence facility and the BBC World Service Atlantic Relay Station. The island was used extensively by the British military during the Falklands War. Ascension Island hosts one of five ground antennae (others are on Kwajalein Island, Diego Garcia, Colorado Springs and Hawaii) that assist in the operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational system.
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I have to wonder if she has ever heard of seafloor spreading, and that Acension Island is on the spreading center.

I give her an F- on her homework
I think the reverend deserves a thread of her own. I came across another of her videos where she claimed that the sunlight was making the barium glow, just like it does on scans when they give you a barium meal. That's why they use it apparently - because it glows when you shine radiation on it.

As an aside, I wonder how many people are risking their health by refusing barium meals these days.
I was looking around some and I found some good posts in one forum



Those link to more info on the transmitters there.

On another site I found this post and the reply to it

The South Atlantic Anomaly

Quote Posted by Amzer Zo (here)
What generates the scenario put forth in the video is this:
************************************************** *
South Atlantic Anomaly
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The anomaly at an altitude of approximately 560 kilometers[1]
The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is an area where the Earth's inner Van Allen radiation belt comes closest to the Earth's surface dipping down to an altitude of 200km (124mi). This leads to an increased flux of energetic particles in this region and exposes orbiting satellites to higher than usual levels of radiation. The effect is caused by the non-concentricity of the Earth and its magnetic dipole, and the SAA is the near-Earth region where the Earth's magnetic field is weakest.
Position and shape
The Van Allen radiation belts are symmetric about the Earth's magnetic axis, which is tilted with respect to the Earth's rotational axis by an angle of ~11 degrees. The intersection between the magnetic and rotation axes of the Earth is located ~500 kilometres (300 mi) more to the North, above the centre of the Earth. Because of this tilt and translation, the inner Van Allen belt is closest to the Earth's surface over the south Atlantic ocean where it dips down to 200km (124mi) altitude, and farthest from the Earth's surface over the north Pacific ocean.[2]

A cross-sectional view of the Van Allen radiation belts, noting the point where the South Atlantic Anomaly occurs
The highest intensity portion of the SAA drifts to the west at a speed of about 0.3 degrees per year, and is noticeable in the references listed below. The drift rate of the SAA is very close to the rotation differential between the Earth's core and its surface, estimated to be between 0.3 and 0.5 degrees per year.
Current literature suggests that a slow weakening of the geomagnetic field is one of several causes for the changes in the borders of the SAA since its discovery. As the geomagnetic field continues to weaken, the inner Van Allen belt gets closer to the Earth, with a commensurate enlargement of the SAA at given altitudes.[citation needed]
The South Atlantic Anomaly is of great significance to astronomical satellites and other spacecraft that orbit the Earth at several hundred kilometers altitude; these orbits take satellites through the anomaly periodically, exposing them to several minutes of strong radiation, caused by the trapped protons in the inner Van Allen belt. The International Space Station, orbiting with an inclination of 51.6°, requires extra shielding to deal with this problem. The Hubble Space Telescope does not take observations while passing through the SAA.[5] Astronauts are also affected by this region which is said to be the cause of peculiar 'shooting stars' (phosphenes) seen in the visual field of astronauts.[6] Passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly is thought[7] to be the reason for the early failures of the Globalstar network's satellites.
The PAMELA experiment, while passing through the SAA, detected antiproton levels that were orders of magnitude higher than those expected from normal particle decay. This suggests the Van Allen belt confines antiparticles produced by the interaction of the Earth's upper atmosphere with cosmic rays.[8]
NASA has reported that modern laptops have crashed when the space shuttle flights passed through the anomaly.[9]
Most too often, this South Atlantic Anomaly is taken as meaning the Earth magnetic poles inversion is afoot... something which would need more evidence.
Saves me starting a new thread:-)
The South Atlantic anomaly is the effect caused by the newly discovered PYRAMID(S) in South America. (bet you weren't expecting that)
In the documentary by the BBC "The Core", the NASA spokesman stated with verification that the refurbished Hubble telescope consistently failed, bordering destruction whenever the telescope passed over South America. Something had to be done. So everytime it passed over that particular region NASA had to power down the telescope and restart it afterwards. The anomaly location was pretty well known apparently, so a solution was found. Guess what:-)
The Bush family bought a ranch in South America bordering three Nations with exclusive ownership, blah blah. Supported by half a military brigade (probably more) on the ground of US finest secret keepers. Now we know why.
The anomaly is the same GRAVITATIONAL forces found in the Bermuda triangle and the Alaskan triangle. The Bermuda triangle anomaly was partly solved by the secret removal of ancient components from the Cuban sub sea PYRAMIDS. The remainder of the Bermuda triangle problem will be resolved when the mid Atlantic PYRAMIDS are raped by the same elite using American/French/UK tax dollars and logistic support. (this is why the French aircraft was downed in the Atlantic to move the resources into position).
The anomalies are caused by each of the PYRAMIDS still having ACTIVE "Arks of the COVENANT" which are extra terrestrial super conductors each residing in the "Kings Chambers" of each of the pyramids.
The Ark of the Covenant from Khufu was stolen by Moses and the twelve tribes returning to pay homage to the dead Pharaoh who hadn't a successor and in the political confusion, along with the accompanying "priests" of the exodus tribe nicked the Ark and accompanying records. The Ark had earlier been removed from the pyramid by Khufu, during which there was a god almighty explosion which damaged the granite sarcophagus and granite roof.
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Re: HAARP's massive Tesla Tech Arrays in South Atlantic

"Sonic anomaly"...! It looks like a digitization artefact where the video loop is joined/restarted.

Why didn't the narrator explain that the animation is showing ocean temperatures and currents? (They didn't know/care/understand?) Or how long in real time "this massive structure created with sonic waves" lasted, or how such a massive event could be hidden from thousands of the worlds geologists and meteorologists?

What qualifications does the narrator have to 'identify' the arrays on the island or interpret the video?

To me, as an RF engineer, the arrays look like HF antennas - probably military as HF is still used by them. The circular arrays could easily be direction-finding antenna systems - I've worked with them.

Is this yet another example of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, interpreting data they don't understand, trying to make it fit their own conspiracy beliefs and coming to wild conclusions defined in pseudo-scientific language to impress the hard of thinking?

I think so...

If this is the case, why do they do it?



OK, my suspicions confirmed. The narrator is talking bollocks. The arrays indeed are arrays. They are HF antenna arrays used by the BBC World Service for broadcasting to South America and Africa. The huge arrays (the "sister towers") are not "miles across". Just look at Google images "bbc ascension island" if you want more pictures. They are completely standard HF transmitting arrays.

The island is indeed a military base (anyone remember the Falklands War?) full of military satellite and HF comms equipment.

And another thing - why can't the clouds just be clouds. "Obscurements..." oh - FFS
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I liked this from the Economist article

In the English countryside there is much opposition to turbines. Here on the volcanic plains, already dotted with antenna arrays of various sorts serving not just the BBC but also a number of military communications systems, not to mention intelligence agencies, they are unquestionably magnificent, poised on their wave-splashed crags. But for all their shiny newness, sublime siting and green credentials, they are not the machines that inspire the most awe on a visit to the station. Those are the two original Marconi transmitters that can between them suck up a megawatt or more of the power station's output. No one knows how old they are, but they were already in use at the BBC's then-main transmitter at Daventry before being shipped to the island in the mid 1960s.

If H G Wells had been asked to picture the pumping heart of a global information infrastructure, these are the things he would have imagined. Each transmitter is the size of a three horse boxes parked side by side. The brushed-metal casings give off a palpable heat as the hundreds of kilowatts flow through. Their inspection windows reveal an orderly, spacious geometry of dials, gauges, relays and cables that looks like a cityscape from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Glass conduits down which cooling water gushes are its thoroughfares, vast electronic valves its citadels. While most of the valves are ceramic, one is still glass; it glows like an open oven in a temple of Baal.
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Can you imagine what the Reverend would say to that picture ? Would she call it the entrance to Hell or another dimension?
RevM is going way down the rabbit hole trying to make the pretty pictures she doesn't understand fit her conspiracy biased belief system. She probably does deserve her own thread considering her hurricane Sandy vid has nearly 600,000 views. Is the educational system really failing us to such an extent?


Where to begin? She jumps right in with the well known sunset spike followed by typical evening/night-time ground clutter that she calls "beaming" and "making moisture" along the East Coast. After a few minutes of blah blah blah marveling over sunspikes and ground clutter, she becomes mesmerized with a "black hole" in water vapor imagery over SoCal/Baja. She attributes the dark void to a combination of satellite beams and an alleged Tesla Tech Array on Santa Cruz Island, duly marked and labeled by our old pal Jim Lee's "Climateviewer 3D". Of course she doesn't understand that water vapor imagery only applies to the upper troposphere, it isn't visible cloud imagery, nor does she realize that dry patch in water vapor is due to a high pressure system over the area. What she calls TTA antennas on Santa Cruz Island are actually the solar panels for a 150 kW photovoltaic array that supplies power to a radar, communications and other equipment for a small Naval facility/weather station.

She sees geometric shapes and patterns in digitized sea floor imagery on google earth and thinks she's discovered a hidden network of secret underwater transmitters. She's utterly clueless but totally convinced she's right and only allows approved comments so her viewers see nothing more than fawning fans heaping praise on her scientific prowess.

SC Island Naval Facility/Solar farm



She jumps right in with the well known sunset spike followed by typical evening/night-time ground clutter that she calls "beaming" and "making moisture" along the East Coast.

By the way. That widespread nocturnal clutter along the east coast this time of year is consistent with the spring bird migration.


There are many other types of non-precipitation returns possible but the widespread nocturnal clutter ahead of the approaching storm in this video looks typical of bird migration.

The following is a great timelapse of a whole year of radar and satellite. Watch the pattern of nocturnal clutter in the spring and fall.


Thing is, there is a correlation between the nocturnal clutter and the weather. Just as contrails tend to increase in abundance ahead of an approaching low pressure the nocturnal clutter increases ahead of weather in the spring. But the contrails are just responding to the weather increasing moisture at high levels and the nocturnal clutter in spring is most often birds riding the south winds created by the approaching low pressure. The conspiracy theorist is correct in noting a correlation. They just have the causation wrong.
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Yeah she really is out there again. Her latest offering has claims of Morgellons and even birds sounding hoarse. I think this is the one Cloudspotter mentioned

She has made comment on the use of aborted foetuses in the chemtrails so I am guessing that as she reads up on something out pops a new video. I find it all a little disturbing, especially the potrait at the start of each video. She is either wanting to be a cult figure or something along the lines of Dorian Gray. She is still blocking comments so it looks all stardust and unicorns. I don't know if her following will increae
It looks like there is an amount of normal cirrus clouds that day. Has this women NEVER looked at the sky, before?

Where is she getting all the aborted baby crap? Doesn't she understand that most aborted babies are tiny and have very little blood in them. Expired blood from blood banks would be more useful, if any company had a use for red blood cells

Has anyone tried to get a copy of the report she mentions?

She doesn't understand cloud seeding either, I wonder if she understands any science at all.

Is stratophere just a misspelling or is it something else she has made up?
I recall a very similar woman on video making a gang-stalking speech standing in front of a small sympathetic audience. She was wearing a scarf and sunglasses. Something about Hopkins voice seems familiar.
The "Reverend Michelle Hopkins" has eventually been seen by many others as a fraudster. They are eating her alive.
She got caught running with a hoax and folks caught on.

Hopefully many of these folks will begin to see that they are gullible and are falling for monetized fear-porn videos.

This woman has had a real eye-opener:

Chemtrail promoters beware. For some of you, this will be your fate.