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Anyone interested in aviation history, including photos, might find this magazine archive of interest:
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I ran across this description of contrail shadows:
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Jay Reynolds

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looks like I duplicated this thread, feel free to delete, Mick.

I see some of the articles from the 40's showed people struggling to explain what condensation and vortex trails were caused by. Most got it about right, and I'm sure that there was concern among the warring parties about revealing secrets which might give the other an edge. There could have even been disinformation from either side during the war. Eventually, the subject got covered and became part of scientific knowledge.

Here is one discussing Arctic flights in 1944, they seem to understand it:

Flight 1944 582.jpg


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Flight also often uses the term "vapour trails" (note the spelling) for contrails, especially for articles in and before WW2.


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And congratulations to R.G. Bull for what must surely be the earliest example of two of the chemtrailers' claims: trails being switched off artificially, and unnatural refraction!