"Fireballs" in the Sky over Davison [Multiple Sunlit Contrails]

Mick West

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A very impressive display of what looks like about 12 successive planes leaving contrails. The last few planes are just after sunset, making a very dramatic scene:

"Fireballs in the sky Davison, Michigan September 25,2014 "

Here's a wider shot from slightly earlier. described as "Strange Fireballs in Davison, Michigan on September 25,2014.. I was outside with my family around 6:50pm."

Michigan is currently at UTC-4, so the time would be 22:50 UTC
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So at around that time, there's a load of flights going along the same path towards ORD, one after the other.

These will all lay contrails down in around the same area, and they will get blown to the north, as can be seen in the above images.

The planes are all from 28,000 to 32,000 feet, so there must have been a fair sized ice-supersaturated region for them all to create contrails.
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It occurs to me I may have seen this formation, or at least a very similar one probably from that same route. I don't remember what day I saw it last week or the week before, but from Saginaw looking South I could pretty clearly see a closely spaced series of contrails, with the older ones progressing "up" the sky. I tried to get pictures, but my phone is terrible and I never remember my good camera.