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Evidence showing both the thermal and the satellite footage are fake.


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The scene where you see the portal open and the plane disappears always bugged me but i could not put my finger on what the issue was so i tool a closer look. (i downloaded the originally posted footage from waybackmachine at 24 fps)I shifted the video colors to make the background much better visible, i was surprised as to how much you can see going on there.This all is otherwise very easy to miss because in the original colors it is very subtle and it happens fast.What we see is that the speed in which the background moves changes by a high value, not talking about a couple flares, this is 3-4 times the speed. Also please note that the speed ramp happens during the portal thing so it is not like the portal closed and the camera was panning to search for the plane.

There are 3 possible explanations for such a thing. the purpose of the edits would be to remove the airplane
  1. footage was sped up to jump or to be blended with a later part of the footage where the plane was no longer tracked by the camera.
  2. the footage was not sped up but the camera turned away from the plane as it stopped tracking it.
  3. the footage was sped up so considerably less frames need to be retouched to remove the plane.
Of course a mix of said options is possible too, other than that there is no good reason for this edit. The MH370 UFO video is fake.

- Please note that the speed increase is visible in 11 sequential frames, this is not a coincidence nor a cameras hake. this is measurable.- Please note that this happens exactly during the time the portal opens and closes. This is important because the one cannot argue that the camera did a quick pan to look for the airplane after the portal closed.

  1. In order to understand how stereo footage such as this is shot usually 2 satellites are used, each carrying a camera, The reason for this is to increase the distance between the cameras so we can get a 3d effect. Same as our own 2 eyes work but we usually look at objects way closer and once we look at something that is very very far away the 3d effect is to subtle to notice, hence would beat the purpose to have 2 cameras that are too close to each other on a satellite that captures footage of distant object for stereo view.. It might of course be that there are satellites that have 2 cameras but it is all the same because you do need 2 camera
  2. a digital camera has a sensor, the photosites of the sensor capture the photons and measure the values, i wont go into detail how it works as this would be a very long text but long story short: the sensor creates a noise pattern due to the fact that each photosite is constantly capturing photons, the noise pattern is absolutely unique and completely different in each frame, even if the camera and object are not moving at all. the only noise patterns that are persistent us called pattern noise , it usually occurs when a sensor gets pushed to the upper ISO limit, this type of pattern noise usually looks like long lines on the screen, it does not affect the whole screen and does look nothing like this. i work with highend cinema cameras both with CMOS and RGB sensors.
  3. it is not possible for 2 different cameras to create a matching noise pattern, it does not matter if they look at the same scenery, nor it does not matter if the cameras are from the same manufacturing line. it is simply technically not possible for the sensors to be hit by the exact same number of photos, hence noise changes in every frame .even if you would shoot super highspeed footage with one cameras, in each sequential frame the noise pattern would be completely unique.
  4. if you overlway one side of the 3d video with the other side you will see that the pixels of the pattern do not match, the pattern looks similar but not identical. this is because the stereo view was generated after the footage was recorded, in order to generate a stereo view the video must be distorted on one side, otherwise you will not get any 3d effect and because the video was distorted the pixels no longer match.You can however clearly see that the random pattern on both sides looks very very similar.this is absolutely not possible in real stereo footage that was shot on 2 different cameras.it is technically absolutely not possible and since this happens in every frame you can absolutely rule out coincidence.
a nice gif was submitted to me by the user topkekkerbtmfragger thank you!

i think this shows the same pattern really nicely and yeah this is not explainable with youtube compression since it is not YT compression (explained at the top of t
as some people have also mentioned the VIMEO footage i took a closer look.here is what i can tell you about it:(left VIMEO, right YOUTUBE)

  1. due to re-compression and different resolution and crop the pattern is much harder to compare but after jumping between a whole bunch of frames i still can see similarity, just not as strong due to a different compression and also the different stretchg factor. the similarity is a given however because it is the same footage, i doubt that any additional grain was added in the stereo image. Please mote that the brighter spots are not part of it, those are persistant lansdcape details. the actual pattern is not easy to see compared to vimeo but it is there, i was able to identify similar shapes. It is a different compression but even so, the noise in the source files would create similar patterns even with a different compression.
  2. the level of detail in both footage is about the same, however the horizontal resolution of the vimeo video is exactly 50% greater because in order to view the stereo footage the footage needs to be squeezed by about half. the vimeo footage is the unsqueezed version hence it appears larger on the screen.
  3. the Vimeo footage shows a larger crop of the footage horizontally, you can see that you can actually see a longer number at the bottom., the image was cropped on both sides a bit in the YouTube version.However, the youtube version shows more vertically, the vimeo version is cropped a bit tighter on top and bottom, you can see that you actually see a bit more of the number in the youtube version.
  4. the youtube video has less resolution, however the vimeo video has stronger compression, there is a lot more blockiness in the gradients and darker areas.
  5. due to both videos showing a different crop and each video has some element that the other video does not have i cant say that the vimeo video appears to be more authentic for said reason.the youtube version is obviously not a real stereo imagery so the question is, why does the youtube video has taller footage.
r/UFOs - MH370 Airliner video is doctored. proof included.
left VIMEO, right YOUTUBE

another nice catch was made by the user JunkTheRatt he font at the bottom of the stereo footage is shifting when you overlay it, it distores to the side. that implies that the 3D effect was added in post as well.
Source: https://imgur.com/a/nrjZ12f


I captured the video originally posted on youtube in 2014 and had a closer look at it.i applied strong sharpening to make the noise and compression artifacts become a lot more visible.i did some overlays to compare the sides and i quickly noticed that the mix of noise pattern and compression artifacts looks pretty much the same for most of the footage (i say most because i did not go over the whole video frame by frame)https://web.archive.org/web/20140827052109/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ok1A1fSzxY

if you wonder why the noise pattern is not an exact pixel match it is easy to explain. since you can see that the image is stereo it simply means that the 3d effect was generated in post, hence areas of the image have shifted to create the effect. also rescaling and repositioning and ultimately re-encoding the video will add distortion but you can still see the pattern very clearly. There are multiple ways to create a stereo image and this particular video has no strong 3d effect . This can be achieved by mapping the image/video to a simple generated 3d plane with extruded hight for the clouds. There are also some plugins that will create a stereo effect for you.

i have marked 2 areas for you, you can see the very similar shapes there. these are of course not the only 2 areas, its the whole image in all the frames but it is easier to notice when you start looking for some patterns that stand out. the patterns are of course in the same area on both images. you can spot a lot more similar patterns just by looking at the image.

- only look for the noise and compression artifacts, those change with every frame and not part of the scenery.

What does it mean? It means that this video was doctored and that someone did put some effort into making it appear more legit. that is all. There is absolutely NO WAY that 2 different cameras would create the same noise pattern and the encoder would create the same artifacts. even highspeed images shot on a completely still camera will not produce the same noise patterns in sequential frames.

feel free to capture or download the originally posted video and do your own check
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