Debunked: 1966 Oldfield UFO footage


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In 1966, Mrs. Joan Oldfield captured footage of an object at the edge of her window on a British United Airways HPR-7 Dart Herald aircraft. Her husband, Mr. Tom Oldfield, claimed it was a UFO.

Mr. Tom Oldfield recounts the experience, but it is unclear whether he was able to see the object from his seat, or if he is just describing what is in the footage: "It seemed to hover for three seconds around our airliner, then it pulled in two fins at the top and then two at the bottom to go into a flying saucer type shape. Then it banked away and disappeared completely." The Palm Beach Post, 11 Apr 1966 (see attached).

The UFO claim was debunked by the BBC, as it turned out the UFO was just the tip of the horizontal stabiliser distorted by the window's edge:




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