Drone disruption at Gatwick...


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....a drone was sighted at Gatwick, and this is what subsequently happened:

2 things of note:

1/ No drone was actually found - this is just from a sighting!
2/ Racetrack holding patterns

Mick West

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Great follow-up investigation, in considerable depth!
The airport had been closed for 33 hours. More than 1,000 flights had been cancelled, and more than 140,000 passengers affected. “It showed the serious risk of drone intrusion, and how quickly that could bring an airport to its knees,” said John Strickland, an aviation consultant. In total, 170 drone sightings were reported, 115 of which were later deemed “credible” by police. But neither Mitchell, nor any of the news crews camped out for two days, had managed to get a photo or video. Neither had any of the thousands of passengers and airport staff on site; no one who reported a sighting had captured an image on their phone.