1. Justin Shaw

    New strange drone footage - small white objects moving fast

    MTO Aerial has posted a video showing a pair of white streaks traveling in parallel across the sky moving very quickly. First off, is there any known cause for this phenomenon? If not, I'd like to analyse the speed by comparing the difference in parallax of the two objects. Any thoughts...
  2. MikeC

    Drone disruption at Gatwick...

    ....a drone was sighted at Gatwick, and this is what subsequently happened: 2 things of note: 1/ No drone was actually found - this is just from a sighting! 2/ Racetrack holding patterns
  3. Laurdhavemercy

    UFO.. drone maybe?

    I was watching fireworks and caught this, fairly sure it's a drone but I cannot find a model that matches exact so I was hoping someone could shed some light or tell me what it really is?
  4. Trailspotter

    UFO with navigation lights, Drone or aircraft? [Low Flying FedEx 777]

    I saw a flying object yesterday November 25, 2016 that I could not identify, hence the thread's title. No, I do not think it was an alien craft, it certainly was something of earthly origin: an aircraft, or a drone, equipped with navigation lights. These were the only things that I could see and...
  5. Mackdog

    Trying to Identify a plane I saw

    This was about a year ago, but I remembered about it when I was flipping through this notepad that I have and remembered that I sketched a picture of it the day I saw it. It was about September or October of 2013 and I looked up to see a strange looking plane that I thought might be a drone. I...