"Donbass Devushka" pro-Russian influencer, or ex-USN fish store owner ?


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...or BOTH ...(quickly turns head toward camera, plays gotchya music, "DA-da-DAHHHHHH" )

Straight out of the script of an imaginary cable mini-series, former USN (Chief Petty Officer, 2022) and (WA,USA) tropical fish store owner Sarah Bils had (has) several made-up account bios, and her fakery was discovered online -- she was outed by people who recognized her and also verified by an investigative journalism article:

A Russian Disinformation Empire in Oak Harbor, Washington

(Malcontent News, 2023)
From the above article....
In late 2021, a nascent social media influencer based in Oak Harbor, Washington, embarked on a clandestine career spreading Russian propaganda. Starting on Twitter under the moniker Donbass Devushka, they would eventually expand to Telegram, a podcast, and a YouTube channel. Donbass Devushka gained a much larger following after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The person behind the social media account made incongruous claims. They were born in Russia. They were born in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk during the Soviet era. They were born in Gaza. They immigrated to the United States at a very young age. None of it was true.
....We confirmed the true identity of the mysterious woman born in three places: former United States Navy Legal Clerk Sarah Bils. She was recently released from active duty.
Bils was born not in Russia, Ukraine, Gaza; less exotically, she was born in the United States. Nor were her parents abroad; they grew up in South Philadelphia. Bils now lives in Oak Harbor, Washington, in the shadow of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island where she once served.

This story is still unfolding, with an UPDATE from Malcontent News, mentioning her recent interview with the FBI.
Here is a good video breakdown of the story (first 18 minutes)...
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