Debunked: "WTC7 Sound Evidence of Explosions" by Chandler/AE911T


I found another nice piece of evidence against Chandler's claims in an old JREF thread:

Chandler claims early in his video, at 2:14: "The mike was set up to pick up speech a few inches away". But is this claim true?
Poster "El Jefe" says the microphone used by Banfield is probably a "Electro-Voice RE50", which is omnidirectional, and "has a reasonably flat response from 80 Hz to 13,000 Hz. This would pick up the "BANG" of an explosion quite well". It is the same microphone used by a CBS reporter in an interview taken at the same time:

I had not seen this video before! The mike obviously picks up lots of sounds from various directions, distances, and in different frequencies: The low bus engine, high sirens, speech of people several feet away - but again no explosions. The location is also about 2000 ft from WTC7, that's 2 seconds for sound propagation. The EPH goes down at 0:39, so any explosion should have beem picked up no later than 0:41. The exterior starts going down at 0:46, but no explosions at or before 0:48. The woman reacts at 0:49 - not clear to what exactly, possibly the reaction of other people.

Anyway, the point is: Those mikes are NOT set up to pick up only speech a few inches away, they pick up a range of sounds from a larger distance.
NISTs own Shyam Sunder even stated that there were no recordings of explosions capable of taking out the critical columns.

our analysis shows that even the smallest explosive charge that was capable of bringing down the critical column in the building; had it occurred we would have seen sound levels of 120 to 130 decibels about half a mile away. That would have been an incredibly loud sound and that sound was not picked up by any of the videos or witnesses that we have talked to.

Truthers have consistently denied science from the very begining
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