debris images

  1. Oystein

    Debunked: "WTC7 Sound Evidence of Explosions" by Chandler/AE911T

    David Chandler has created a video for AE911Truth that, he claims, contains evidence for the sound of explosions at the WTC7. Here is the video, hosted by ae911truth: Skip the first 2 minutes with some other truther claims (Sunder; McPadden; Bartmer...), and jump right ahead to the 2:04 mark...
  2. KAT

    MH17 - developments after a month - Aug 17

    It's been nearly 2 weeks since the investigators left. There is still fighting in the region. There is almost no interest from Western media in the MH17 site, or no enough for the to risk going there. But someone is there - the site is being cleaned up. A few interesting photos of lower layers...