Debunked: Mercedes-Benz using chemtrails


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The video doesn't exist any more and I couldn't find any search results for any combination of hailstones, mercede-benz, factory, and cloud seeding apart from your chemtrailsnorthnz link.

chemtrails in ads is an old topic - & just a variation on the "chemtrails in movies" for which there is a page on Contrail Science. It's part of the theory that "we" are being indoctrinated to see "chemtrails" as being "normal" by having them in the background of stuff a lot.

ChemtrailsnorthNZ also complained about chemtrails in advertising material for the 2011 Rugby World Cup held in NZ at about the same time.
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There's two separate things there:

1) Mercedes use cloud seeding for hail mitigation. So what? It's just cloud seeding.
2) Some Mercedes ads have contrails in them. Quite common.

Nothing to debunk really, just people conflating "chemtrails" with cloud seeding, and then getting annoyed when something they see commonly in the sky shows up in ads.

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