Debunked: CFR Admits "Millions Spent to Confuse Public About Geoengineering"

A quote from a CFR talk:
Is often used to suggest that money has been spent to confuse the public abot geoengineering, however the quote is actually about climate change, and refers to how large energy companies spend money to confuse the public about climate change in ofder to limit regulation of carbon emissions. This only indirectly affects geoengineering discussions.

Step 1 - Original Source

M. Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University. At a Council of Foreign Relations lecture.
March 10, 2010, Washington D.C.

Video, quote at 2:40
Direct link to 2:40

Transcript (with additional links to audio and video):

Step 2 - Context.

The quote is from Granger Morgan. From the introduction:

At the start of the lecture he gives a long talk on climate change, and how it might lead some country to eventually do geoengineering, and hence how research is needed.

Clearly he's not suggesting at all that any geoengineering is currently being done.

Steps 3 & 4 - Meaning

The quote "Millions Spent to Confuse Public About Geoengineering" is really a headline distillation of a conspiracy oriented interpretation of the first two sentences above.

Here's another example where the article in the sentence is taken to mean one thing. In this case it's the word "this" in "make sure that a very substantial portion of the public stays totally confused about this.".

Here though the quote debunks itself when you simply look at the next sentence.

And then the next paragraph clarified who and what he is talking about:

Step 5 - Single sentence debunking:

He's talking about climate science, and how the energy industry companies spend money to confuse the issue of reducing carbon emissions.
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