Debunked: California Wildfires Match the Exactly Path of the Proposed Rail System


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Here's an other conspiracy related to the recent California wildfires.

Do these maps actually match up or is this an other "stretch" of the truth to fit into the Agenda 21, "Direct Energy Weapons" and other conspiracies?

From a site promoting this idea:
"This looks like an interesting piece of evidence when discussing the California "wildfires"... Basically all you have to do is search a California wildfires map in the last year or so and put the map of the proposed California high speed rail system continually being pushed by the far left government of California. What do you get when placing these images next to each other...Well it just so happens that the California wildfires happen to be all located along the proposed lines of the California high speed rail project."
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The map to the left shows the Red Flag Warnings, where the Santa Ana winds have been fanning the fires in mountainous areas.


California’s Red Flag Warning was updated Nov. 11, 2018 by the National Weather Service, now spanning across the state and lasting in some areas until Wednesday due to continued high winds and dry conditions.
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The map on the right is of the proposed route for the high speed rail. It will be going down the middle of the San Joaquin Valley where there is very little elevation change. The maps do not line up.