CT shooter did not use an Assault Rifle


Can you please point out where I "stat(ed) it wouldnt be an attack against the 2nd amendment if certain types of arms or ammunition were banned"

you really have to stop trying to tell me who I am and what I believe. You fail every time.

I publicly state that gun violence is a major problem in this country.

...and no I don't know what the solution is.

But I do know the culture of guns and violence that pervades this country and the holier-than-thou adherence to the 2nd amendment - no matter what- and the rhetoric of fear and derision towards those who might want to look at some points of stricter controls is a large part of the problem.

Once again "Stricter Controls" means what exactly?

You want an age requirement? ..........Done
Background check?..........................Done

And your right how can I know what your position is if you will not state it except for ...."Uhhhhhh I dont know what the solution is"


Need our guns to do what in that situation? Shoot a cop for being an asshole and using poor judgement? That's why we have laws and a legal system. So, you want everybody should be judge, jury and executioner? No thanks.

Back in the times the constitution was written, the citizenry had access to basically the same level of weaponry available to the government. Not so much in modern times. Your guns won't do squat against a cruise missile. Instead of investing so much time and energy into acquiring and shooting more guns, how about making the world a better place to live instead 'cause frankly you gun freaks are the problem and I'm fuckin' over it.

Saying that the "gun freaks" are the problem is just ignorant. And if you think we should just somehow magically make the world a better place i then your nuts because humans are humans so the world will always have crime and violence. In fact "gun freaks" arent the problem because 75% of gun murders in the US are gang related and the majority of their guns are illegally acquired.