contrailscience down?


Senior Member.
I haven't been able to get on ContrailScience once in the last 2 days, and I wondered if the site is down, or if anything's wrong?
Also, I heard there was an MJM talk local to Metabunk/CS's founder, and wondered if any attempts at education were planned?


Mick West

Staff member
I did a rather hasty change of domain registrars (from GoDaddy to NameCheap), and GoDaddy pulled the DNS rather quicker than NameCheap is putting it back up, so it's kind of down now.

It should come back up soon, but will depend on where you are, ISP, etc.

I might pop round to the talk, just to observe. Past attempts at engagement in scientific discussion have not been productive.

Mick West

Staff member just came back on line for me. Again though it might take longer for other people. Sorry for the inconvenience.