Aluminum Extractor

Steve Funk

Senior Member.
If anyone doubts that there is a lot of aluminum in soil, here is a process developed by a scarcity ecologist/futurist to extract aluminum from clay. It looks like they have a prototype. This would be a good reply to the post on geoengineeringwatch saying aluminum occurs only in bauxite, but I doubt they would allow it to be posted.

David Fraser

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That's quite an interesting find Steve.

As to the bauxite issue I tend to point out the constituents of clay, especially china clay or kaolin. That seems to do the trick.

Jay Reynolds

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The extractor uses hydrofluoric acid to digest the clay. Bauxite forms naturally by weathering in tropical areas the same way, but much slower. When rainfall falls through carbon dioxide in the air, it becomes slightly acidic, which dissolves out some of the silica and other elements on the clay to form bauxite, aluminum hydroxide. silicates + water = clays + more water = Bauxite
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