1. derrick06

    Clarifying: Indian Schoolgirls discover Asteroid

    Short clarification here (though it may seem redundant) because of posts that are inaccurate on social media based on a recent headline of an article from CNN (available below), which describes two Indian School girls who discovered a new Asteroid ( HLV2514 ). It's not on a collision course with...
  2. Mick West

    Explained: "It's photoshopped because it has to be"

    Much has been made of Robert Simmon's statement about the Blue Marble image (above) that "it's photoshopped because it has to be" I think the misunderstand of this statement started out as trolling, but has evolved so that now some people are convinced that it means ALL images of Earth are...
  3. Astro

    Identifying Sun and Moon Transits

    I wrote a python program for identifying potential sun or moon transits involving a certain observer location but an uncertain observing time and/or date. It searches a TLE file containing satellite orbits for transits of the sun or moon over a user-specified number of days at a given location...
  4. Whitebeard

    Debunked: Nibiru FOUND? Mysterious gigantic rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system

    Nibiru FOUND? Mysterious gigantic rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system Thus claims UK tabloid and conspracy fan gutter rag The Daily Star, the article continues... A MYSTERIOUS large object has been spotted floating around outside our solar system – and people are convinced...
  5. Rory

    Explained: Space Shuttle Footage Reflection of Face [Shot Through Window]

    Official video footage of Space Shuttle mission STS-8 (Challenger) from 1983 has a very curious glitch in it, at 3 minutes 32 in the video: A man's head, and other shapes, are very clearly seen: Most likely it's a reflection, given the way it overlays on the shuttle itself. But sure is an...
  6. StarGazer

    Claim: First Image of Space Taken from V-2 Rocket Proves the Earth is Flat

    In this thread we'll be examining the very first image taken from space from a V-2 Missile and the claim related to it: It is claimed from “official sources” that a “V-2 Missle” was launched from the New Mexico desert on October 24, 1946, and that it took this black-and-white photo below...
  7. L

    How did Tim Peake get full Earth in his helmet picture? [convex mirror illusion]

    Hi guys, a while ago I came across this photo. Which I just couldn't explain. How is it possible to capture a full Earth which is 12,000km in diameter a mere 400km up in the sky. Its not possible. Earth should encompass every
  8. nickrulercreator

    [Debunked] Apollo 14 Flag Waving Before Ascent?

    Recently saw this video (link at bottom of paragraph). I want everyone to know I DO think we went to the moon, this is just an interesting point being brought up by a hoaxer. I just want to know if there's an explanation as to why the flag appears to be swinging in and out of frame. I can't seem...
  9. C

    Interesting observation of moon light phenomena i can't find the answer to ????

    It was around 3:00 am at night ,,It was cool breeze so I went to rooftop with my binoculars and Android phone just to lay down and enjoy the breeze , I watched the moon it was brighter than usual there were clouds moving dark and light both I recorded the moon then paused recording when clouds...
  10. Whitebeard

    Bright 'St. Patrick's Day' meteor over UK

    I was in bed and missed it but... A bright meteor has been sighted in the early hours above Britain. Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail ........... Richard Kacerek...
  11. Astro

    Debunked: Earth is moving too slowly as seen from STEREO Ahead

    STEREO is a NASA mission consisting of two satellites, one ahead of the Earth's orbit, and one behind. They both have a variety of instruments, including five cameras, two of which are specifically for photographing the Sun's corona, COR1 and COR2 Earth has been visible on STEREO Ahead in the...