Explained: Space Shuttle Footage Reflection of Face [Shot Through Window]


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Official video footage of Space Shuttle mission STS-8 (Challenger) from 1983 has a very curious glitch in it, at 3 minutes 32 in the video:

A man's head, and other shapes, are very clearly seen:


Most likely it's a reflection, given the way it overlays on the shuttle itself. But sure is an odd one.

Anybody come across this before?
it's a press conference video. The video is being narrated by the astronauts.

so in order for the press to be viewing it, it probably would have to have been shown on some sort of monitor.

Space Shuttle Flight 8 (STS-8) Post Flight Press Conference Video
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But like you said, you can very clearly see the guy moving around, his image overlapping what's on the monitor.
I know that makes most sense, but it seems extremely good quality for being filmed off a monitor - especially in 1983.

Just had a quick flick through and couldn't find any other places of 'reflection' either.
It's shot though a window
I'm seeing that too. this vid says

Dale Allan Gardner selfie during INSAT 1B satellite deployment 19830831 0748 UTC STS 8 Low, 480x360
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and at 2:30 in the OP vid he describes what I think is the same view as

"this from the cockpit"
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and this vid has footage from another angle (although it looks like a NASA is fake channel) at 30 secs.

Source: https://youtu.be/Nx0lHe6JrdE?t=35


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It's an obvious reflection, in the video a few seconds before, you clearly see the guy whose reflection in the Shuttle window it so clearly is.


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