Bright 'St. Patrick's Day' meteor over UK


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I was in bed and missed it but...
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A bright meteor has been sighted in the early hours above Britain.
Witnesses have described the object as a green flash moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail


Richard Kacerek, from the UK Meteor Observation Network, told the BBC it had received reports from across the country.


Mr Kacerek added: "It's still very early to say where it came from but later we will be looking at footage from our other camera in the north of the country and analysing the data to determine more about its origins and intensity."

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I was in bed and missed it

Me too but I was awake and noticed a flash in my room (which I usually conclude to be an approaching lightning storm), though this light entered the room instead of just backlighting my curtains and it had a different hue than pure white.
So after a short sleep, I was excited to learn it was a bright meteor, though disappointed I didn't actually see it.

Coincidentally, a few evenings earlier I saw a bright shooting star in the sky (travelling north to south) which I thought to be at a more shallow angle and slower speed than I usually observe. Additionally, it had a second burst of light, as if dimmed behind a thick cloud but the sky was clear as crystal. Perhaps it was a chip off the same block, so to speak.
St. Patricks day meteor? and it wasnt green? Must be fake. :p

St. Patricks day meteor? and it was green? I've had too much Guinness..

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St. Patricks day meteor? and it wasnt green? Must be fake. :p
people are reporting green i guess.
External Quote:

‘It was actually two explosions from the same meteor – a smaller one and the larger one – signals that the final one has potential a fragment surviving and falling to the earth,’ UK Meteor Observation Network co-founder Richard Kacerek told Mirror Online.

He added: ‘Lots of people are reporting the green one – this is completely plausible.’

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