1. Leifer

    False: Identify GMO tomatoes in 2 easy steps

    The Claim: Many sites are sharing the click-bait title and article, "Here's How to Identify GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps".... ....with many using this graphic photo : The text usually reads: (excerpt) this article we are going to show you an easy way that will help you identify these...
  2. Dan Wilson

    Glyphosate (Active RoundUp Ingredient) Toxicity

    Recently, the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) called for a ban on glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) use as an herbicide in agriculture, citing the International Agency for Research on Cancer's (IARC) new classification of the chemical as 2A (probably...
  3. derwoodii

    Claim: Photo shows control rats with tumors in Séralini study

    i am tryin to find the source of this picture of 4 rats [supposedly from the Séralini study] the 4th frame shows the control rat with tumors. In comparison with the well spoken and perhaps cropped picture of 3 rats but no control.. The net so awash with the 3 rats piccy i am having some...
  4. Leifer

    Genetically modified "Innate Potato" approved by USDA

    Lots of concerned citizens are worried about a new (USDA approved) GM potato, the so-called "Innate Potato".....which has been approved for production, sale, and the USA. This GM variety of potato, has been developed to include: Reduced sugars – under certain conditions – provide...
  5. Critical Thinker

    More scare-mongering, now about GMOs in beer, from

    The Organic Consumers Association has been the driving force behind much of the anti-GMO propaganda and the Millions Against Monsanto campaign, which was the predecessor to March Against Monsanto. This time a website called '' has issued a list of 8 Beers That You Should Stop...
  6. RFMarine

    Claim: GMO rice linked to leukemia outbreak any good refutation?
  7. Eric Wayne

    KFC Mutant Chicken Hoax using my own Photoshop Hatchet Work

    A lot of people believe that KFC doesn't use real chickens, but instead uses "genetically modified organisms" that are beakless, featherless, and have multiple legs and wings. Here is a current incarnation of the hoax/conspiracy. The image they use is fake, which I know because I made it. When...
  8. Leifer

    Myth: GMO-free seeds available for home gardens for Organic - Non-GMO Seeds.html I'm not calling this topic a conspiracy or an untruth. There are no GMO (or GM) seeds available to the home gardener, and this is the misunderstanding. It's a misunderstanding among many (not all) consumers and...
  9. Dan Wilson

    Resources for Debunking GMO Toxicity Claims

    A lot of GMO talk is often about the Seralini and other flawed studies. Some people claim that independent research on the safety of GMO's is lacking and others ask where the research is. I thought it might be useful to point out that GMO's is one of the most studied topics in science and that...
  10. Dan Wilson

    PopSci article claiming to debunk ten GMO myths

    A great article about GMO's and crops that debunks common myths. It discusses 10 claims, total, and also provides much more information.