More scare-mongering, now about GMOs in beer, from

Critical Thinker

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The Organic Consumers Association has been the driving force behind much of the anti-GMO propaganda and the Millions Against Monsanto campaign, which was the predecessor to March Against Monsanto. This time a website called '' has issued a list of 8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately as well as touting a list of 'approved beers':



Mick West

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While this is obviously bunk, the idea here is to debunk things, not just repeat the bunk and marvel at it. Simply reposting bunk in a public forum is like promoting that bunk.

Pete Tar

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I think there was a debunk for this, if I recall when foodbabe was promoting it.
This seems to be the one...



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I love the fact the harmful list includes NATURAL INGREDIENTS.
I thought all the bunk about food was supposed to say natural is automatically better than synthetic, whatever it is and even if the two are identical.


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I prefer organic farmhouse cider anyway, not cos I'm an organic food fan, nor cos I'm tryna avoid GMO, its just that it tastes better and gets you pissed nicely. If you have never tried it, come to the west country and get some straight from the farm, failing that find a pub that pumps Black Rat or Old Rosie.


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I love the fact the harmful list includes NATURAL INGREDIENTS.
I thought all the bunk about food was supposed to say natural is automatically better than synthetic, whatever it is and even if the two are identical.
I think I'll pick me up some organically grown hemlock. That's good for be because it's natural. Right?


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I note the conspicuous absence of alcohol from both the list of "harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer" and my friday night thus far.

I will be rectifying the latter with a trip to Fanny's, @Whitebeard I'll be giving the Old Rosie a miss though since the aftertaste of rotten apples haunts me for days.


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Yeah, Food babe wants to hassle beer companies for using isinglass, and claims it is carcinogenic, and will guzzle wine to the point she gets a hangover (cos she apparently has a great cure).
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