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    Interesting, thanks Chris! Does this classify as passive or active jamming, and why would Fravor say that there was jamming but Underwood say that there wasn't? Can you please explain in simple terms how there isn't a contradiction? Unfortunately Fravor's statements weren't very clear about the existence of jamming cues.

    If it's a low observability drone and/or using radar jamming that's important for "simulating a blurry plane" because passenger planes don't usually get classified as drones, balloons, and other UAS. It makes no sense that a passenger plane would use radar jamming and there's almost no chance that a large passenger plane would be unable to be detected on radar-
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  2. Hi guys,

    We are half off topic imo because what we are saying is linked to the aircraft hypothesis as well.

    My bad...

    I still don't think we know for sure who spotted the initial tracks (30-40 nmi south of Chad's aircraft). The cruiser or an Hawkeye could have vectored him there with a BRA (Bearing Range Alt). It's exactly what happened with Fravor's incident and the USS Princeton. I don't understand why you are talking about a range finder.

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    I don't understand what this means. i'm talking about the "jamming" talk.

    this thread isn't about whether it could be a plane/drone or not. There is another thread for that. This thread is about simulating a blurry plane to see if the images match.