1. Leifer

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    The Claim:

    Many sites are sharing the click-bait title and article, "Here's How to Identify GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps"....
    ....with many using this graphic photo :

    The text usually reads:
    Background, and why the above claim is false:

    A PLU is short for "Price Look-Up" code. It's that sticker on fruits and veggies in US and other world supermarkets.
    PLU's are governed and proposed by the IFPS
    It's a 5 digit code.
    (0)+four digits means the produce is "conventionally grown source". (zero is not shown)
    (9)+four digits means it is "organically grown source". (five digits total)
    (8)+four digits was reserved for potentially "GMO grown source" (five digits total)

    The prefix #8 has not been needed so far, so...
    But based on the prefix "8" 's prior intention, some sites and people believe or claim this prefix means such labeled produce is "GMO sourced".......without noticing that "8" now means something entirely different, due to changes and advancements in PLU labeling.
    Since no GMO produce is sold anyway, "8" now means :
    Not forgetting to mention, that there are no GMO tomatoes sold, anywhere, anyhow.

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  2. Critical Thinker

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    To further expand upon the facts raised by Leifer. There had briefly been available one GMO tomato (Flavr Savr), however at the current time there are none available.

    Wikipedia Link

    In regards to the Flavr Savr that had been on the market between 1994 and 1997...

  3. Leifer

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    Unfortunately, anyone can go to youtube, and find older videos, based on non-current information or facts.
    Older accusations can be (currently) false, either on their own, or based on newer and more accurate data.
    But some people will still believe it's "currently true"......even though that within the subsequent years, new facts have surfaced.
    The cleansing of outdated facts or inaccurate opinions on YT, is not a priority nor a designated duty of the YT company, as far as I know. (I should update my YT knowledge facts, lol)
  4. Trailblazer

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    This is another hallmark of clickbait: a photo annotated and highlighted in a way that has nothing to do with the actual article. Unless they are now sticking the labels inside tomatoes...
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  5. Stinkyfungus

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    I don't know about you fellas, but the supposed GMO tomato looks a lot more juicy and flavorful than the supposed non GMO unit...
    silly of them [...] to make the less appetizing tomato the supposed "good" one. No?