1. jvnk08

    jvnk08 Active Member

    I've been seeing this video circulating lately:

    The narrator suggest that the red item is blood/gore and it disappears as soon as the guy walks in front of it. So... ABC forgot to render back in some gore, right?

    Turns out if you watch closely you can see it being pulled away(or perhaps blown in the wind) a frame or two before the guy passes in front of it. It appears to be some sort of fabric material. The "strange object" is there the entire time.

    I think it's safe to say this is debunked.
  2. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    And then there's this excrescence...

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  3. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

    For Gods SAKE.
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  4. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Quite frankly, it never even looked like blood or gore to me, it looked like a piece of fabric. The silly broadcaster didn't look hard enough at it, if he had even LOOKED at it himself.

    We had a local weather guy that thought his tower cam was showing a cloud lowering several miles away, when, by the time he cut to it, it was showing a close by tornado touchdown. Poor Troy, didn't even know what it was seeing right then.
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  5. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, sorry, I know. I'm torn - this is an example of conspiracy thinking that is incredibly disgusting if not dangerous in its denial of reality, but does it represent all CT? I think this is what it leads to - it teaches such a poor set of critical thinking skills so this ends up where you go.
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  6. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Its obvious nonsense, but from a purely factual basis:

    That's bunk, because people get both their legs blown off all the time, and survive. Even in places that don't have helpers and emergency services seconds away.

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  7. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Torn often helps to seal blood vessels. Someone doesn't know what they are talking about
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  8. jvnk08

    jvnk08 Active Member

    Assuming 24fps footage, this guy is implying that all of this is going on in less than a second?

    P.S. I love that there's a bunk tag on this forum :D
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  9. Melbury's Brick

    Melbury's Brick Active Member

    It's the sheer leaps of judgement that always astonish me......
    ....how in the rein of a baboons ass do these individuals arrive at such bizarre conclusions?
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  10. Michael P

    Michael P New Member

    I know that there was a recent reintroduction of tourniquets into the first aid protocols of both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association as it was deemed as useful in situations of "explosive trauma." They culled a majority of their data on this from the current battlefield situations in Iraq and Afghanistan; places where injuries similar to what was seen at the Boston Marathon had occurred.


    Essentially, it recommends the use of specifically that type of tourniquet for specifically that type of situation to control bleeding we saw in the aftermath of the bombing.
  11. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    That is one of the most disgusting things I've seen. I am so sick of seeing this type of thing after a tragedy. I'm so sick of seeing the words "disinfo" "actors" "lamestream media" etc. I hope to heck all these people are 13 years old. Unfortunately I fear some are actually old enough to know better.
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  12. Drrum

    Drrum New Member

    I wonder sometimes if there's a brain function that tries to make sense of something unimaginably horrific. We have the standard "denial" scenario, where people just cannot accept the truth, but I wonder if there's something further. We've all noticed how small-minded people are very quick to grasp onto whatever "evidence" supports their own beliefs, fears, hates, but ignore rational and obvious evidence. When individuals already fear or mistrust another entity (races, governments, law enforcement, etc), events such as this seem to trigger a desperate search for something, anything that will support their preexisting irrational fears. That "I knew it!" reaction validates their fears in an otherwise senseless situation. Now that we're all connected, finding like-minded people seems to feed them even more. Catastrophes seem to induce conspiracy delusions in such huge numbers of people I can't help but think it may be a primal function of the brain.
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  13. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I thought about the CTer's yesterday afternoon. I was heading home from the North side of Dallas, and just south of downtown, there were 5 helicopters essentially flying in formation, 2 Apaches, and 3 Chinooks (I think --double rotors).

    I thought 'that's interesting' and then remembered that the Bush W library opening is coming up on Thurs and all five living Presidents will be in town. Then it made sense. But I thought about all the stories a CTer would come up with.
  14. BCP

    BCP Banned Banned

    I've seen links for all those CT blogs plastered all over RT Facebook. I reply to a few of them and post the link for this forum, telling them if they have a question to please put it forward. All polite, no animosity like.




    They don't print it. They just allow comments that they want to see. So much for searching for the truth when you ignore all comments which might post a clearer picture. Instead they accuse you of being CIA agents because you don't tow their crazy line.

    If you want the truth wouldn't you be open to all angles and possibilities?

    Who knows maybe one day they think they can be as famous as that other cult of personality, AJ. Fighting the cabals of evil whilst being a Z-List celebrity Neo with an audience of millions.
  15. BCP

    BCP Banned Banned

    "They don't print it. They just allow comments that they want to see. So much for searching for the truth when you ignore all comments which might post a clearer picture. Instead they accuse you of being CIA agents because you don't tow their crazy line."

    Sorry, using iPhone.

    I did not make clear but in reference of being called CIA agents, I am talking about the many RT Facebook readers who support these Boston conspiracies. Should have made that clearer. My polite comments to these blogs have still not been posted.
  16. F4Jock

    F4Jock Active Member

    I think these "people" and I use the term loosely, need to be dragged into Mass General and Children's and be made to not only see these "actors" but change dressings and empty a few bedpans ant cath bags.
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  17. katsung47

    katsung47 Banned Banned

    But that's real. Here is how they acted.

    amputee actor
  18. somnamblst

    somnamblst Member

    Love what a combat medic wrote in response to this stupidity. Found this as a comment on one of the sites that post CT stuff.

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  19. jvnk08

    jvnk08 Active Member

    Erm, weren't you banned?

    Furthermore, what pray tell do you think that has to do with the Boston bombing other than supporting your preconceived notions about the incident?
  20. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    What does that have to do with the lie that the man in the wheelchair was an actor? Or anyone else was?
  21. somnamblst

    somnamblst Member

    His name is Jeff Bauman, he lost both legs in the bombing. He is in the hospital. He is not an actor. There are no shredded legs prosthetic, and no EMT that claims to know what kind of injuries result from losing one's legs has any credibility, regarding Jeff's injuries and the amount of blood, when we consider how rare IED casualties are in America. Jeff Bauman has incurred astronomical medical bills from his injuries a week ago, despite having insurance through his job at Costco.

    How dare you make claims for which you have zero evidence, beyond ridiculous assertions from blurry video screeen captures that comprise at most 2 seconds..

    There are over 200 people who were injured. Have you no decency

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  22. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    And Americans fear and oppose a basic level of public healthcare. Amazing.
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