1. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    It's parallespective, duh.
  2. dc_hatman

    dc_hatman Member

    [​IMG] This is what flat earthers imagine the South Pole would look like if the Earth was a globe.
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  3. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Darksky is a great site for very local short term weather forecast. They've added what looks like a working Flat Earth version.

    Metabunk 2019-04-01 10-29-57.
    Of course it's just a reprojection of this:
    Metabunk 2019-04-01 10-31-42.
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  4. Rory

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  5. derwoodii

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  6. Whitebeard

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  7. dc_hatman

    dc_hatman Member

    Those Captcha programs many forums seem to use these days to eliminate bots are very annoying, although sometimes they can be useful debunking tools

  8. Z.W. Wolf

    Z.W. Wolf Senior Member

    I knew this reminded me of something.

  9. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    it reminds you that cod liver doesn't taste good? I don't get it.
  10. Z.W. Wolf

    Z.W. Wolf Senior Member

    The hand movements. PW is White Fang.

    No... I like White Fang.

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  11. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

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  12. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Not just my work, of course. Lots of people did the "little geometry" there.
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  13. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

    yes i must give thanks as for years at school my poor math and physic teachers tried to explain to me the use, need or any benefits of Sine Cos and Tan and in one short vidio you and others showed how these mathematical functions are applied to answer question of range & distance
  14. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

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  15. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    "Mariana Trench, Once Again Named the Worst Place to Raise a Child"



    But Investment magazine, named the same location as "best place" to hide valuable stolen artworks, UFO bases, , as well as lost ship treasures, or body parts.
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  16. Trailblazer

    Trailblazer Moderator Staff Member

    I love The Onion.
  17. dc_hatman

    dc_hatman Member

    Me too

    In this era of “fake news”, it’s refreshing to finally see some honest reporting.
  18. qed

    qed Senior Member