1. Jeffrey Orling

    Jeffrey Orling Active Member

    A close intellectually honest examination of the post collapse photos... and even the videos of the collapse of the core columns which survived the initial collapse is all one needs to determine that there was no controlled demolition. The facade obviously peeled away.. the core which clearly survived collapsed from Euler buckling... unable to self support without the beams inside the core which braced the columns.. and which was ripped off in the floor collapse.

    No critical thinking shown in examining the visual evidence. This was explained to AE, Tony et al as early as Jan 2010.
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  2. On YT, there is an account RKOwens4 who does a lot of 911 debunking videos. On one vid, workers are actually explaining that are cutting those cols. They cut them at an angle to they can anticipate where they fall.
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  3. Pepijn van Erp

    Pepijn van Erp New Member

    Richard Gage apparently hasn't changed his presentation on this particular subject. He used the slide of the angle cut column during a presentation he gave on May 13th, 2018 in Utrecht, The Netherlands as you can see it on the right at around 1h21m10s in

    Source: https://youtu.be/d_z-CKypSOo?t=1h21m10s
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  4. Oystein

    Oystein Active Member

    Has anyone notified Richard Gage of this thread and the thorough debunking of his claim? Has he reacted to such a notification in any way?
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  5. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Just adding a better AB comparison of the AP photos.

    Note these are just from the image thumbnails. The actual images are copyrighted, someone would have to pay to use them, but they would be a lot clearer.
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  6. Tomi

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    What Gage says in the video is “Could this be thermite?“ He does not say it is evidence of thermite and so in his mind he is not a liar but just asking questions
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  7. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Metabunk 2018-07-10 16-43-32.
    He says "This is some of the leftover 45 degree cuts on the columns at the world trade center you see them again and again and again. Could that be thermite?"

    Not also the slide says "Before Iron workers on site", which is false as the photo was taken six weeks after to collapse.
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  8. econ41

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    That is understood. The issue is not what he wants to think as his excuse. The questions to establish "lie" are (a) is it false; (b) does he know it is false and (c) does he intend to deceive. Yes to all three == "lie".

    Just to complicate it he is resorting to "lying by innuendo" which is the common trick of current truthers.

    He leaves it to the listeners to draw the implied meaning...giving him an escape by deniability aka "I never said xyz"

    It's not a clear cut issue of ethics but given Gage's lengthy experience he must be aware that there is proof that his claims or implied claims are false. Most - like me - would judge that he is deliberately trying to deceive or mislead his audience.

    In other on-line discussions where pedantic rigour was important I have asserted that Gage (and T Szamboti) have been "Professionally Dishonest". It needs a lower threshold of proof. Though it is stated in various ways in professional codes of conduct the test is:
    "When speaking as a professional and presenting a minor opinion which goes against the accepted view of the profession you are ethically obliged to make clear that you are in the minority". Something which AFAIK neither of those two ever does.
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  9. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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