1. Mick West

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    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01BrUDWVZKo

    There's a few videos on the internet that show people using a simple EMF meter and supposedly demonstrating that a piece of "orgonite" can be used to block the radiation from a WiFi router or similar (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4). In the above video I attempt to duplicate those tests, and investigate to see if the orgonite is doing anything that some other similar sized object would do.

    The results were that the orgonite was not doing anything that any other object would do. In fact the blocking effect shown in previous tests comes from the person's hand, and not the orgonite itself. Holding any other object in the same position has the same effect. Holding no object at all in the same position has the same effect.

    If the orgonite is positioned between the router and the detector by itself (without my hand holding it) it actually makes the detected radiation slightly worse - as does any other similar sized object of similar composition.

    Orgonite Blocking Five Ways Metabunk.

    The ogonite used in this experiment is a "Tower Busters 1 Indigo Blue Orgone Generator Energy Accumulator" from "Rise Perspective", and sold by Amazon. The descrption reads:

    The meter is the popular very cheap DT-1130
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  2. deirdre

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    i think you should name the thread " Scientific Proof Orgonite makes EMF radiation Worse " !!

    (time stamp 3: 25)

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  3. Raymond

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    WiFi operates at the same frequency as microwave oven. What if You put a bottle of water between the router and the meter?
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  5. deirdre

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  6. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, I just tried it, and it makes no difference.
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  7. deirdre

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    Do you have any Beeswax candles to try? I know orgonite is hookum but I cant stand the resin. People wearing it next to their skin and all. I was watching a video interview with Sharon Schloss from The Chembow and even she agrees that "resin is very toxic" (time stamp 7:22).

    Plus, for novices trying to make this stuff at home, working with resin can be dangerous fume wise.

    I dont mind people paying money for charms and talismens but i'd be happy if they stop throwing toxic resin cubes, that break down eventually, into our environment!

    Anyway, maybe if you try beeswax and it doesnt INCREASE the EMF the way the orgonite does, people will at least stop using resin. (of course it would be even more helpful if you melt your beeswax candle down and add some quartz, sawdust, metal shavings and copper coils to it to replicate the orgonite guts. <But if you do then you have to melt it down afterwards and free the crystals - it's obscene to trap them in any type of gook, even beeswax. )
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    The issue with beeswax is that it melts. If it was pure beeswax (candles are made of a mixture of beeswax and an oil like olive, palm or the ever-popular coconut so they have a lower melting point) the melting point of pure beeswax varies, but usually it's around 140F. The stuff they sell at Home Depot for lubing things up isn't pure beeswax, last I checked. Carnauba wax is an option with a melting point of 180F, it's plant-based and thus used by vegans in lipstick and the like. The higher the melting point, the longer it would stay together in harsh weather.

    I looked up "organic resin" on google and it automatically suggested "organic resin for orgonite".
    The first result was this site, which advocates polyester resin:
    It's interesting. There's all sorts of safety precautions one needs to have with it, though. The fumes are flammable and it seems like this is the kind of thing that most crystal loving folk who wear them for healing want to shy away from as far as health effects. The above seller makes orgonite pendants to be worn near the skin, it's interesting.

    Glass would be a good option for outdoor use, I think. A part of me thinks that even clay would work. I was an avid potter in high school. If one kneaded the necessary metals and crystals into a clay that would be able to be water resistant after a relatively low temperature firing in the kiln, that would be a nice option for an orgone device that wouldn't pollute the environment more than it already is. Clay shrinks quite a bit as well, usually about 10 percent, depending on the clay and the kiln temperature, etc. The only issue with it is that if it's thicker than the average human thumb it will straight-up explode in the kiln. Perhaps a hollow vessel, filled with minerals and fired? Or maybe a hollow vessel that can be filled after firing and plugged with wax. A myriad of cool shapes could be made, regardless.
    I wish I had one of those little readers or I'd do some experiments myself.
  9. JFDee

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    There is likely some kind of lens effect, focussing some of the EMF.
    I assume the shape of the water container is relevant.
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  10. derwoodii

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    Nice work. In your vid at 4.41sec you demonstrate that its touching by hand & so earthing-grounding the elements be it orgon steel, plastic or wood via your body "sink" is the key to the meter reading droping.

    To help here another and easy to watch vid of the tester holding on to his Orgonite over an emf emitter and claiming its reducing the emf...Trawling though the many Orgon utubes vids & the many and various claims was a bit of chore.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyN0HWOP2Cg

    And Meg Jones discovered the same thing

    However this Vid from your list shows Orgon droping the emf when introduced to field and it seems not to be touched and then still doing the same when other elements are placed beside??

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2q2fWM5GV0
  11. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    hmm. too bad he didnt try other objects made of metal or similar shape in the same position.

    in this vid..the readings are all over the place in multiple positions and objects, but the paint can got the best results.

  12. Rory

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    Thanks for this: I shall have to make sure my ex doesn't waste her money on some orgonite. She does actually genuinely feel wifi signals, and they give her headaches. I didn't believe it at first, and just got rather unsympathetically annoyed that she would make me switch it off when she came to visit, but after many tests I do see that, somehow, she does feel it when it's on.
  13. killjoy

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    If she really is bothered by EMF her best bet would be Green Bank, West Virginia in the national radio quiet zone. Really interesting place too at least to me.
  14. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    Alas, she's French, and lives in Paris. ;-)
  15. killjoy

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    Well in that case a she could always try a quiet room that has been basically made into a Faraday cage. I can promise you that they stop wireless. I once had to explain to a colleague why the wireless APs he placed in protective steel cages in a gymnasium were not working.

    And I apologize I seem to be heading off on a tangent.
  16. Jeepee

    Jeepee New Member

    Yes, the harmfull resin made me worry too. It looks very nice because it is transparent. So i came up with the idea of using transparent soap. There is special soap for sale to make your own transparent soap and add nice things in it. It is way cheaper and good for nature. Not as solid though, and not suitable for jewelery. But a pyramide carefully positioned on a closet should work fine.