1. Mick West

    Debunked: Experiments Showing Orgonite Blocking Electromagnetic Radiation

    Source: There's a few videos on the internet that show people using a simple EMF meter and supposedly demonstrating that a piece of "orgonite" can be used to block the radiation from a WiFi router or similar (example 1, example 2, example 3, example...
  2. Mick West

    Orgonite Experiments

    So I bought some orgonite. The idea being that I'd do some specific experiments that could actually prove or disprove specific claims. There's the ion meter thing, and the ice things, but I'd like to do a few. I think it will probably be claimed that my skeptical inclination would send out...
  3. Jay Reynolds

    "Orgone" Device mistaken for bomb at construction site

    These things have been secreted in many locations worldwide since Don Croft wrote a series of articles advocating doing so just after the turn of the century. He and many others have sold them for the last twenty years and continue doing so. Ironically, they labeled them "Holy Hand Grenades", a...
  4. nathan bensch

    Ice experiments: Orgonite vs. No orgonite

    [Mod note: this thread was split off due to an off topic post (OP) in this thread ] This also works with containers. It doesn't have to be ice cubes, and people have done tests with or without, try "ang el" s page on...
  5. M

    Orgonite and Ion Meters

    Anyone familiar with orgonite and orgone theory? More specifically orgonite itself. There seems little i can fined on this subject that goes into much detail and any help with looking into orgonite would be appreciated. Orgonite is a device that apparently harness/generate "Orgone energy" a...
  6. Karen Chun

    Who is Making Money off the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory?

    It appears to me that someone is making money off promoting the Chemtrail conspiracy theory. Who started it? I realize that someone actually proposed the idea of counteracting climate change via chaff etc. But then again lots of people have proposed lots of ideas that never got implemented...
  7. MikeC

    Live in a world free of Chemtrails - support Orgonite City

    No - seriously - Orgonite City is a "Scientific Heaven on Earth" Use 3-d printers to make everything of Orgonite, and all will be all right!! Orgonite City is a grand experiment to test the effects of orgonite on a large scale. If a small piece of orgonite has been proven make freezing...
  8. HappyMonday

    Chemtrails / Orgone Sponsored link on Facebook

    Just noticed this in the corner of my conspiracy related Facebook account - Leading to this wonderful bunkfest of a Facebook group. Wonder what the TOS say about things like this?
  9. Mick West

    Debunked: Orgone Ice Stalagmites and Spikes

    Sometimes when you make ice cubes in the freezer, you get odd spikes on top of the ice: This does not happen all the time, and many people will never see this. It depends on what's in your water, the temperature of your freezer, and if there's a fan in the freezer. They form most frequently...