1. Jay Reynolds

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    There is an incredible amount of bunk in Wigington's most recent publication. It is a comprehensive compilation of just about every sort of Mad-Max conspiracy theory ever made about "chemtrails".


    If anyone wants to see a speciifc item debunked, just ask. The article is evidently written by someone else, nevertheless he is publishing it and is responsible for what he puts out on his website. The article makes the claim that "chemtrails" contain uranium-238, and reprints the ballast barrel photos among many many other outrageous things.

    I just made the following comment so that at least he has been made aware about the extent of misinformation he is publishing.




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  2. Hama Neggs

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    Does he have to approve your message before it appears? I don't see it there.
  3. Jay Reynolds

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    Yes, he never approves mine which are eternally "waiting on moderation". Just like my signature says, "Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. It is the "Chemtrail Movement".

    I believe it is fully possible that his head is inserted so far that he believes my disapproval is confirmation that what he has published is factually correct, that is how totally wrong-headed the man actually is. When the folks who follow him find out what he has done there could be hell to pay.
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  4. Cairenn

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    And he uses selective copying from the Wikipedia article on 'Chemtrail conspiracy' to 'document' his tale. He KNOWS that it is a lie.
  5. Hama Neggs

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    I guess this is where he got the article.


    It would be nice to think that Dane would eventually get caught in this sort of deceptive practice, but I'm starting to lose confidence that it will ever happen. A few people might see through it and wander away, but the false info seems to never go away. It just seems to be the nature of internet hoaxes.
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  6. scombrid

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    Just skimmed the article to see what was there. This statement is rich:
  7. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    So Dane lifted an article and published it as his own?

    Several folks have posted that article on their blogs. Check out some of the comments on this site.


    One thinks aborted fetuses are in chemtrails, another recommends an herbal tea and other stuff to remove the eggs that come from the chemtrails and one guy wants to stop the spraying with lasers.
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  9. Hama Neggs

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    No. A link to the original is included on Dane's site.
  10. Hama Neggs

    Hama Neggs Senior Member

    I'm seeing lots of claims that just about every bad weather event was caused by HAARP and/or chemtrails.
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  11. Efftup

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    what makes me laugh is that the exact picture you mentioned with things labelled nozzles was actually reproduced TWICE MORE (without extra scribbles) in the supposed mass of evidence.
  12. Efftup

    Efftup Senior Member

    Not to mention that the 7th picture of the "spraying planes" is clearly a photoshopped picture of the 3rd shot to make them look like they really are "flying in formation " as so many chemtrailers believe (not realising when they can see several planes at once that they are miles apart horizontally and often 1000's of feet vertically.
  13. Jay Reynolds

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    Published on Dane Wigington's website:
    by sacks. basic error. awaiting censorship.
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  15. Belfrey

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    Ironically, some areas of California have been cloud seeding in an attempt to enhance precipitation during the dry spell. So they have been trying to manipulate the weather, but to the benefit of the public. Of course, it's still dependent on the natural occurrence of suitable cloud systems, so there's only so much they can do.

    California Looks to Cloud Seeding to Bolster Snowpack
  16. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    How do the chemtrails create a drought? I've heard they also make it flood.
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  17. Chew

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    Oh, it's really quite simple. You can reverse the mixing ratio vapor pressure by inverting the Riemann manifold hydrostabilizer feed until the flow tensor is metaorthogonally tangent to the tank parity-laminar valve.
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  18. solrey

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    That's a little over 0.5% of the ~75 million acre-feet of total recoverable precipitation that falls on California annually, the grand total is estimated at around 200 million acre-feet. Most of that cloud seeding is taking place on the western slopes of mountains using propane burners to vaporize silver-iodide, but enough water vapor has to be present for it to snow in the first place. Cloud seeding just adds a little bit to the snow that would have fallen anyway, although whether it works or not is still debatable. Of course we know none of that has anything to do with what they call 'chemtrails', or widespread 'geoengineering' for that matter.

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  19. Jay Reynolds

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  20. Hama Neggs

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    They claim both, alternately.
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  21. Jay Reynolds

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    Another geoengineeringwatch.org page contradicts the above article, still doesn't get persistence right, but at least mentions ice crystals rather than invisible water vapor :

    contradictory-wrong again.
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  22. Balance

    Balance Senior Member

    It's one thing to not understand something but to announce you're educated on the matter (the science of flight and weather) and make such a disinforming post is another game altogether imo.
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  23. Svartbjørn

    Svartbjørn Senior Member

    just dont forget to adjust for the effects of Heisenburgh Uncertainty when trying to recrystalize the trilithium using flux capacitance in the Reimann mannifold, @Chew... almost as bad as crossing the streams
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  24. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Despite being informed of the error, no correction. Dane doesn't care what gets published on his site.

    three more instances of deception in his recent talk, he has been notified:

    danedeception. danedeception1.
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  25. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Also in his recent talk, Dane asks the audience a leading question about an easily checked out photo:



    Robert Exter is deleting some (but not all) of my critical comments on the video, this one just posted:

  26. Mick West

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  27. Jay Reynolds

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    That sort of image is sometimes called fear-porn. Dane doesn't care that the image hurts his credibility, he doesn't give a damn about what he publishes. Though he may no have visited the page Mick cites, at a minimum he did not do any due-diligence vetting the images he presents. Interesting is that the psychotic face with gaping mouth on the right seems similar to Dane's face, perhaps he used the image because he found it scary looking.

    In one sense, by appealing to those who are attracted to this sort of fear-porn, Dane is operating a kind of selective harvesting for his audience. He doesn't attract people who want detailed, confirmable facts, he wants people who think like him, react like him, and 'get off' on fear based material. It is a self-sustaining sort of selection process which weeds out dissenters, disbelievers and critical thinkers and instead gathers together
    only those of like mind who will make up a chorus of 'yes men' for him.

    The original image comes from a 2010 nuclear security conference:

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  28. ralph Leo

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  29. Jay Reynolds

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  30. ralph Leo

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  31. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Hence my signature. They aren't honest about correcting their mistakes, they silence/wall off anyone who disagrees, and run away from informed debate. Their followers are too invested, brain dead or just suckered in to know or even care. So many decry the "sheep" never realizing the pitiful shape of their own flock.
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  32. ralph Leo

    ralph Leo Member

    No debate here:
    I suppose the organizers of these events don't have time to research the claims of the panelists. I wonder if anyone there would even ask tough questions.
    I am kind of embarrassed for a couple friends that believe him, it just takes a few minutes of research to realize they are just promoting fear and have no scientific research to back it up. When I did my research I expected a little bit more to their claims based on the fever pitched alarms they emit.
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  33. ralph Leo

    ralph Leo Member

    "Any that believe such patently false statements are likely not willing to face the truth no matter how compelling the evidence. " His best statement yet, too bad he is not including the true believers of chemtrails.
    Sorry for posting his latest proclamations but I have friends on facebook that put this up daily, I look at it thinking there may be some shred of evidence for chemtrails but am always disappointed.
  34. Ross Marsden

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  35. NoParty

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    It's actually much more serious than you jokesters realize:
    The full implications of the Heisenberg Principle include that the most devastating
    of the evil chemtrails--due to their extraordinary purity (99.1%) will actually occur as blue!

    So, yes, any time you go outside and look up, if the sky appears to be blue,
    well, that actually confirms all the chemtrail conspiracies that Wigington etc.
    have been altruistically trying to warn us about. Wake up sheeple! Fear the blue sky!
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  36. ralph Leo

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    But I thought the sky was not blue anymore? woe is me!
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  37. Svartbjørn

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    My fault... I broke it.
  38. PandyFackler

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    Christian Bale's face really ties the whole thing together...


    I mean, I get it... American Psycho. It's kind of a joke. There to lighten up the mood in the room I suppose.

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  40. M Bornong

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    Are people beginning to wake up? (Wishful thinking)

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