1. Mick West

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    Alan Chin Photo Paper molten metal.

    So it looks like AE911Truth has been incorrectly using another photos for many years. I noticed this by accident when looking at a similar photo posted yesterday for the anniversary of 9/11:
    Metabunk 2018-09-12 12-07-23.

    I saw the above (right) 9/11 thumbnail image on the NBC News home page, and it immediately reminded me of this image on an AE911 web page. https://www.ae911truth.org/evidence.../442-witnesses-of-molten-metal-at-ground-zero (http://archive.is/2BsNB)

    Metabunk 2018-09-12 12-10-07.

    Here's the AE911 image:

    Then this coinicidence prompted me to do a Yandex image search^, which led me to a better quality version, the original by Alan Chin, https://www.readingthepictures.org/2011/09/pushpins-on-a-calendar/ (http://archive.is/mtyWY)
    Subtitled "Approximately 11AM, Broadway and Liberty

    Metabunk 2018-09-12 16-05-02.

    And here's the NBC Image:[​IMG]

    Close up:
    Metabunk 2018-09-12 12-11-46.

    They are probably the same collection of column cladding and paper taken at slightly different times.

    I wonder how many "suspicious" photos might be solved if only we were able to example all the photos that are held in private collections.
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  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Doing an overlay of the two images, the orange one is slightly skewed. So the simplest explanation for the original bad image is that it was photographed from a book — this also accounts for the bad white balance.
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  3. Oystein

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    I had always seen nothing but burning paper in that image.
  4. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Burning something, and probably paper, given that it's surrounded by paper. Me too. I discussed it five years ago, even in the orange photo there's enough info to dismiss the "molten metal" claim.
    It's odd that AE911T use this as the headline image to illustrate their page on the topic.
    Metabunk 2018-09-13 11-18-06.
  5. Nada Truther

    Nada Truther Active Member

    After 13 or so years of the busted conspiracies, you find it odd that AE911T uses probable inaccurate info as fact?

    I'm losing faith in you, Mick.