Worldwide fertility drops by 85% (Agenda 21 paranoia related)


Cheers,had no time for even a cursory exam of those facts yesterday.The chap who brought that up has now refused to talk to me for 'one year' anyway.

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The guy who wrote the Lifenews article makes it sound like the UN wants to reduce fertility rates in every country, even those that are already below replacement rates. This, of course, is not true. Many conspiracy theorists try to support their beliefs by cherry picking UN reports. Unfortunately, as in most cases, the author seems to be ignoring some very important little facts.

1. Although the AVERAGE fertility rate worldwide is dropping, there is a huge disparity between rich and poor countries. The high fertility rates in the poorest countries are the problem.

2. Reducing poverty, improving education and empowering women seem to naturally slow down fertility rates.

Here is the link to the United Nations Population Fund fact sheet if the conspiracy theorists want to read what the UN is actually saying. Billion/7B_fact_sheets_en.pdf