White Streak & Trail over N. California Dec 19 2018 - Meteor?

Mick West

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Source: https://twitter.com/Richifornia/status/1075569646030381056

Looks like a meteor leaving a high altitude contrail.

Lots of local buzz, it would have been visible from my house, but I missed it :(

Shortly before 7 p.m., the National Weather Service posted on Twitter that, while not 100 percent confirmed, the object seen was probably a meteor.
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Source: https://twitter.com/nwsbayarea/status/1075584140433604611?s=21
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you left out the coolest pics after the tail end twisted in the wind (you can see it twist in the main video on your cbs link... which is God's way of saying "?" ;) )

Dennis Sutherby

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Yeah looks like a meteor to me too. Saw one in my neighborhood just the other day that was much closer; lit up the night sky like lightening. This one looks a bit more like a shooting star that seems to just appear at a random spot in the sky and shoot just for a brief second and “disappear”