What's that beam?!


Saw this on a fake-news site called Niburu.co and was intrigued by those pictures... I think it has to do with a shutter problem causing that light. (and NOT aliens as the original article states...)

Or just a reflection on the windshield of the car. But UFOs? Nope. Not on my shift!

(original site: http://niburu.co/index.php?option=c...door-komst-annunaki&catid=37:wereld&Itemid=50 -- Dutch)
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Mick West

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I think the MUFON report 80430 is the original:



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on another ufo site there is a claim from the driver

since there are also blue and white lens flares at the top of the mountain there that match the "beam" colors exactly. I think its safe to assume some type of lens flare.
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