What would it take, and how much would it cost, to test a "chemtrail"


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Yup. Your final paragraph is kind of where I was heading. To perform an experiment you need a prior agreement to what the hypothesis, parameters and analysis are. If the experiment has been done previously anyway then it literally is no-win, and a bit like the offers to participate in a "debate", there is only one likely outcome. That is unless there is an experiment that can on their terms, within their parameters disprove their hypothesis. Which there isn't. :)

Education is the answer, but retrospective eduction is a tough one and requires time and care, such as that which this place provides.

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I don't know much about capturing air samples, but quite honestly, I think using a balloon is an easier alternative to actual aircraft. I hear weather balloons can fly quite high, and all that is needed is a measuring device strapped to it. Getting the authority to launch something like that probably wouldn't be as complicated as sending a plane.
If you're going to test random air, why bother even getting to altitude? (Since they think the stuff wafts right to the ground, anyway)

Mick West

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If you're going to test random air, why bother even getting to altitude? (Since they think the stuff wafts right to the ground, anyway)

"They" don't all think the same thing. Testing at altitude in a contrail would reveal any super-high concentration.

Of course the concentration needed is likely impossible high (like the air would be solid aluminum). But I still view this more as a thought experiment. If they actually take it seriously they would need to think about more than just "is there any aluminum in the air", but "If we measure X ppb aluminum in the air, and we expected Y, then we hypothesize that this comes from trails sprayed at concentration Z".

Now if they are going to spend $10,000 on testing, then you'd think that most people would actually do a little math and science beforehand to determine X, Y and Z. Preferably asking a few science-minded people to check the math.

In fact, I would not be surprised if people have done the math, and decided it's a fools errand. Which is why we just hear talk about it.


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I would think a control sample taken of cabin air before entering a contrail should be valid. Compare the before and after.

Air coming through a bleed air system should not be contaminated as it is drawn off before the combustion chamber.

An experiment forced upon me....that cabin air does come from outside the aircraft...

I flew to San Fransisco during the recent Camp fire. We descended into SFO airport, and as soon as we flew through the smokey layer of air from the fire, it smelled of forest fire inside the passenger cabin.
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