What exactly does “Explained:” mean in a thread title?


What is the minimum criteria that must be met for “Explained:” to be applied to a Metabunk thread title? I searched the site for a hard definition but struck out. My apologies if I missed it.

Does it mean that an explanation has been put forth that a moderator deems most likely out of all possible explanations to be true? As in, hypothetically, “Explained: helicopter” when that explanation might conceivably account for a plurality of the total assessed possibilities: say 20% Venus, 20% drone, <1% aliens, 25% blimp, 34% helicopter.

Does it mean that an explanation has been put forth that a moderator deems to be nearly certain? Better than 50% likely?

I didn’t count them individually, but it appears there are more than 100 threads labeled as Explained: in their titles.

And I assume Explained: isn’t used interchangeably with “Debunked:” which appears to have been applied to hundreds of other threads’ titles. I assume Debunked: would be reserved for claims, while Explained: would be reserved for inquiries, or things that simply weren’t previously understood or identified.


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If an absurd claim, such as the acceleration at the end in GOFAST, can be shown to be false, then it can be "Debunked" without identifying anything. I have always presumed that "Explained" title was given to things where there's a consensus of what something is, rather than just a consensus over what it itsn't. However, I don't give such words too much weight, they could be replaced by emojis of a finger spiraling at a forehead and a face palm!

Mick West

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I means the person who created or edited the thread title thinks that the question or puzzle has been explained.

If you think it has not, then you can explain why in the thread. I have sometimes removed "debunked" and "explained" from threads.