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Kieron McNulty

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Hello. My name is Kieron, I live in London and work in a psychiatric hospital.

I’ve relatively recently come across Mick’s work through You Tube. At least part of my journey has echoes of his. I was fascinated by UFOs growing up in the 1970s subscribed to the Flying Saucer Review! and I remember my dad bringing home The Unexplained magazine as well. I thought back then that the mystery of UFOs would soon be solved. There was always hints that real conclusive evidence was about to be brought up to confirm that we have indeed been visited . The evidence though, always remains just over the horizon and strangely out of grasp. It remains a matter of faith and wanting to believe. I suspect it will always be this way.

The main attractions of this site is that it is a. fun and b. a strong island of rationality in what seems to be increasingly cult-ridden and bonkers world. I loved Escaping the Rabbit Hole and lent it to my teenage son to try to inoculate him. I wish I had it read it before getting into an argument (about chemtrails ) with one of my relatives.

I loved the recent debunking of the mistaken explanations in parts of the press of the pictures of “hovering” ships in the UK. This led me to doing some further reading on the nature of mirages which I’ve found to absolutely fascinating and magical. I‘ve learnt that water seeking insects aren’t fooled by inferior mirages because their eyes are polarised light sensitive whilst ours aren’t. I’m sure this fact , which you can take to the bank, will be useful at some point . :)

Joel Va

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Hello I watched your youtube channel from watching your video colaboration with Steven Hassan (A few months ago I read his book "Combatting cult mind control"), I´m still learning a lot, I´m currently reading your book "Escaping the rabbit hole..."). My story, long story short, is that last year I consumed a lot of youtube videos of Red pill dating and Mgtow videos, and after like 6 months or so I realized that it has a very cultish vibe and their theories or beliefs are very exaggerated and toxic. I don´t know if someone here wants to debunk or explained some of the fallacies about their theories and why there is something that´s feels so wrong about this "philosophy" that uses the matrix reference of red pill and blue pill, some youtube channels of these toxic community are: "CoachGregAdams", "Entrepreneurs in Cars", "Rollo Tomassi", "Better Bachelor", "Thinking-Ape".


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Hello. I am a Danish man of 41 years. I've heard references to Metabunk before without checking you out. Today I heard a podcast on Danish radio p1 "supertanker" where one of the participants in today's panel Rikke Peters associate professor at UCL Odense referred to Mick West and metabunk as a resource the listeners should check out.


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Hello. I found this site when I got addicted to debating flat Earthers on YouTube. I have since moved on to debating Moon landing hoaxers. I have used this site as a reference for a lot of things.

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