Video posted on my behalf.


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My younger brother posted a very old video of mine on my behalf, (mythicsuns)
And I thought I would add some clarification.
Firstly the property it was recorded was the top two floors of a 3 story house, as such the ground floor entry door was locked.
I recorded it around 2130, and was very dark.
The area the apparition appears is actually on small set of stairs at the top of the main flight, the large white lines going up at a 45 degree angle if I remember are metal poles from my vacuum, which are leaning against a bannister with a hard wood back instead of railings.
This follows the hallway until the living room doorway after which there is a kitchen door and a flight of stairs going up to an open plan bedroom upstairs.
On the stairs was the WiFi router (important).
Just off camera is the bathroom door directly along the landing, and then next to the living room is a spare room.
My friend was sat next to me on the sofa watching the team (ghost hunters)
Rather than getting up and checking the WiFi lights I figured I would use my phone.
The results are as posted.
There is a history of weird feelings and noises in the property, but nothing as seen here.
The only other major event was a clock flying off the wall and landing 8 feet away.
There is a clearer video should you wish it, however it is on tiktok and so the ratio is a bit smaller.
If you have questions please ask me and I can provide clarity.