Video: "BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013 "


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Can this be debunked?

He offers no evidence. Then he invokes the usual suspects of the Bilderberg group and the Tri-Lateral commission. I personally would like nothing more than for what he says to be true, but extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

The title of the video is incorrect, he is a former Minister of Defence. He held the post back in the 1960's.

Mick West

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He's just another long time UFO enthusiast. Unless he actually offers up some evidence, he's just another old guy. Unaware of evidence of aliens even when he was defense minister (50 years ago), it seems like he got taken in by Alfred Webre, when he was in his 80s.

Look up Webre, that should give some context:


Maury Markowitz

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In this video Hellyer claims that he got interested in UFOs recently. Mike comments on this above. Hmmm…

This doesn't jive well with his statements in 1967 when he claimed that the Canadian military ran an unsuccessful 13-year program to call down a UFO in Alberta:

Unfortunately the original newspaper article is locked behind a 3rd party paywall.

Nor does this jive well with his flying into the town of St. Paul that same year to dedicate their UFO landing pad:

Further, this "breaking news" is the second recent example of Mr. Hellyer's claimed sudden conversion, a much more famous example was in 2005. In both cases it is claimed that he was not interested in UFOs until he saw a program about it on TV, but there is ample documentary evidence stretching back decades that this simply isn't the case.


Well I wonder if there's any further good articles debunking Paul Hellyer especially anything regarding this speech? Thank you.


What specifically do you think deserves debunking?

Hmmm...almost everything Paul Hellyer says especially in this video which I was wondering if there's any good articles on it.

Well you said he was a old guy who offers no evidence anyway although people still him though as "Proof" because he's a "Top Minister" which of course it's argument from authority though.

Mick West

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Seems like he's just presenting stuff he's read on the internet. Nothing from personal experience.


Seems like he's just presenting stuff he's read on the internet. Nothing from personal experience.

I think he most likely got it from Exo Politics well since he appears to be another Alfred Webre follower, nothing more. Of course just because he's a Former Minister of Defense or any sort of Ex Military background doesn't mean everything he says is true which is what UFOist believers miss the point on.


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That is so true. It seems that to many conspiracy folks, and to the less informed, that any one with a nuclear weapon background is an expert on diverse topics including how to seal deep sea oil wells.
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