Claim: video shows 3 orbs near an aircraft over Madrid in October of 2013


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The video is not in English, I've linked past an extended talking part to right before the footage.
This video along with other UFO videos from roughly the same time period that feature UFOs in triangle formations have become a regular topic of discussion on some of the UFO subreddits, there's a thread about this video here. The OP on reddit says:

So on my regular web sleuthing I came across a video of a completely different airplane surrounded by 3 orbs. See Atta he'd images/gifs. This is groundbreaking indeed! Crystal clear! November 2013!
The channel this video is is from, 00cepelin, seems to have numerous videos relating to UFOs filmed seemingly in Madrid in Spain, the channel owner seems to spend a lot of time filming airplanes. From the thumbnail images used on his videos it seems as if he may have knowledge of some kind of image editing/rendering software. An overview of the video by a native Spanish speaker would be helpful.
The first ever video on this channel appears to be the channel owner declaring an indistinct blob in a bush as being a disguised UFO.

The description reads:
este ovni esfera ha sido gravado por mi en persona, este domingo, junto a otros muchos de este tipo que ya tengo. aseguro que estan aqui, son muchos y son los amos del camuflaje. solo han de acercarse a un arbusto y se haran casi invisibles al ojo........
Plugged into Google translate leads to:
This UFO sphere was recorded by me in person, this Sunday, along with many others of this type that I already have. I assure you that they are here, there are many of them and they are the masters of camouflage. They just have to get close to a bush and they will become almost invisible to the eye......
I think the credibility of this channel is pretty low, but I am curious as to what the three lights in the first plane video in this thread could be if they aren't done using aftereffects or some other basic image editing software.
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UFOs in triangle formations
this is such a bad trope.
3 dots always make a triangle, unless they're in a straight line, and even you could say it's a triangle viewed side-on.

Has there ever been a report of a triangular UFO formation with more than 3 dots?

Actual triangle formation:
An enduring mystery to me is why naive photographers feel they need to constantly zoom in and out. Do they think it adds context? Just zoom in once. Do they feel that it makes the footage more dramatic?

I'd also like to teach everyone the concept of good focus and how to use manual focus; and to how to hold the camera still even without a tripod. It can be done.
Has there ever been a report of a triangular UFO formation with more than 3 dots?
Often a red light in the center supplements the three traditional corner lights. Often enough that someone made this gif:
mysterious triangle ufo.gif

...and at the risk of being the guy who always slops kites all over every thread, triangular delta kites with LEDs can show a LOT of lights, and are sometimes reported as UFOs.
An enduring mystery to me is why naive photographers feel they need to constantly zoom in and out.
Possible partial answer -- when my camera loses focus while zoomed on a distant small object in the sky, I'll zoom back out until it focuses again. (I tend to use auto-focus as my manual focusing skills are seldom.)

The ones that get me are the ones who zoom in, lose focus, and decide the bokeh blob is what the UFO (or, for FE/Firmament folks, the stars) REALLY LOOKS LIKE!!!!
I have never in my life taken video footage so badly as these alleged UFO recordings. Anyway, looks like bird wings catching the light. The formation is an illusion.
I'm confident enough to identify one of the white blobs in the video as an airplane.

Dunno if the smaller blobs are even spherical to go as far as call them orbs let alone be more specific. They're dots.