Utah Drone video of UFO [Probably an Insect Zip-By]


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Both insect are bird are easier to identify either because they're nearer camera or they're bigger than our "UFO" (or that's neither insect or bird, but a seed or something like that).


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That quite recalls the Utah "UFO", but seen in detail I'd bet that's a bird. At some point you can guess its wings.

At 2:04 you have a second such object, probably another bird.



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Hello, I recently did a photo/video analysis of the Beaver, UT UFO video. I have a background in planetarium production and writing scripts for science shows. I deal mainly in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, 3DS Max, and Blender.
I'll do a video and photo analysis in an effort to determine if this is captured in camera, or comped in; also try to determine if it is the size and traveling at the speed which people claim.

Source: https://youtu.be/o4bqTlwLwwA


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I watched it, here's a precisis

Initial view is it's a composite due to lack of shadow and effects of "ship" air displacement on trees, drone etc (of course alient craft proponents will claim that it uses some novel propulsion/force field that eliminate these effects and the sonic boom etc)

Notices the black outlines (maybe just a sharpening halo?) thinking it could be shadows or something.
"If it were a composite they did great job" most of the video is basically using PS filters and effects to check hue/luminance/saturation of object versus environment concluding this was captured in camera based on apparent experience of creating composites themselves. This is approx 23 mins of the video.

Conclusion is because there were no shadow/displacement of trees and it was in camera it is likely a small, close object (like a bird etc) and mentions the it's a falcon theory.


Against the falcon theory is this: They stoop at great speeds, yes,,,, vertically! Thanks to gravity. But then once gliding horizontally the speed will drop quickly. Gravity is a thing. We see no flapping of wings. Even if we did, and even if it was a peregrine, it would not be able to achieve this speed and maintain it horizontally. If the object was the size of a falcon it would not travel this far, at such a speed, horizontally. Period. The visuals are much more consistent with a very nearby, small, lightly coloured object. Such as a dandelion, which are perennial and grow around the world.

Skip to 12 mins, then imagine it blowing towards us horizontally, rather than coming upwards at us.

Source: https://youtu.be/D6MpqPe2-mg?t=718
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Such as a dandelion, which are perennial and grow around the world.
Not sure if you've seen Rob Lewis's latest video on the Beaver UFO - but he visits the location and finds there is indeed a lot of "fluff" floating around. There are a lot of cottonwood trees in the area (and, indeed, dandelions).

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I just wanted to add that the first thing I wondered was if anyone was accounting for lens distortion. I see some estimations on speed and size in the YouTube video, but no accounting for any distortion that would occur in a wide versus narrow angle lens.

I'm at the end of the video, and it seems the case is closed, so nevermind. Great video though.