UK cancer charity appoints 'fake news' nurse


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The UK's leading cancer support charity Macmillan Cancer Support, has become so concerned about the plethora of web sites pushing, fake, false and quack cancer treatments and dangerous false information, that it is employing a full time nurse to work across the charities social media platforms to combat the spread of false information and answer questions from sufferers.
Macmillan Cancer Support fears patients are turning to unverified websites for information that leaves them needlessly frightened and at risk of bogus cures.

The charity points to one online search that brings up a website claiming chemotherapy is a bigger killer than cancer itself, while another site reports that baking soda can cure breast cancer.

Ellen McPake will be dedicated to answering questions from people affected by cancer online, on Macmillan’s social platforms and online community.

Her appointment comes as Macmillan research, conducted by YouGov, found 37 per cent of people in Scotland with cancer looked up information about their diagnosis online.
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Macmillan Cancer Support is the UK's largest Cancer Support charity and runs local information and support centres, cancer support groups, benefits advisers and cancer support specialists, and can help with practical, medical, financial and emotional support.

Macmillan provides information about cancer through its Information Standard website, free printed and recorded materials, telephone support line and over 170 local cancer information and support services nationwide.

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