1. Dan Wilson

    Cancer warning labels on coffee

    Proposition 65, otherwise known as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, is making more impacts in California. A judge has recently ordered that coffee companies will be required to put warning labels on their cups declaring that coffee carries risks of cancer. While many coffee...
  2. Whitebeard

    UK cancer charity appoints 'fake news' nurse

    The UK's leading cancer support charity Macmillan Cancer Support, has become so concerned about the plethora of web sites pushing, fake, false and quack cancer treatments and dangerous false information, that it is employing a full time nurse to work across the charities social media platforms...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Debunked: Dr. Peter Glidden: Chemotherapy only works 2% of the time

    The video above features Dr. Peter Glidden claiming that chemotherapy does not work and that it is only used because it brings in huge profits for doctors. To back this up, he references a study published in 2004 in the journal Clinical Oncology. In this study, researchers looked back on 154,971...
  4. Dan Wilson

    Chris Beat Cancer: Survival Stories

    Chris Beat Cancer is a blog that tells the stories of cancer survivors and how they believe their cancer was cured thanks to their diet and lifestyle choices as opposed to surgery and medicine. Here I will explain the problems with these claims and the advice given on this blog. The author of...
  5. Dan Wilson

    Cancer Cures: Why is Cancer so Hard to Treat?

    The Internet is full of web sites and articles that claim to be able to treat or "cure" cancer. Some claim that diet is the key, others say you can treat it with baking soda or marijuana products, and some clinics even sell their own alternative treatments to patients. Treatments taking the name...
  6. Dan Wilson

    Debunked: Alkaline Diets Cure Cancer

    So the claim here is that cancer cells don't grow as well in an alkaline (basic) environment, therefore eating food that makes your blood more alkaline should help fight tumors. It can make sense at face value, since test tube experiments do show that tumors in alkaline environments grow more...
  7. RFMarine

    Claim: GMO rice linked to leukemia outbreak any good refutation?