"UAP" Causes Lockdown of White House

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The White House and U.S. Capitol building were briefly put on lockdown Tuesday morning after a possible unidentified aircraft or other "anomaly" violated restricted airspace over Washington, sources said.
Law enforcement sources initially told Fox News the lockdown was triggered after an aircraft moving east violated restricted airspace. But Fox News is now told officials may have to go back and review the radar to determine what exactly prompted the scare, with sources saying they got "mixed signals at best" as to what the potential aircraft could have been.

One source said they were never sure whether an actual aircraft was ever involved, while another told Fox News that radar was showing "different sectors" as to where the threat was coming from. One source said whatever they saw may have just been an “anomaly” or even “geese.”
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This event is interesting because it throws some perspective on the recent media coverage of, and public interest in, report of the US Navy updating their guidelines for reporting of UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, aka "UFO") in conjunction with the three "UFO" videos promoted by Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy.

The US Navy guidelines are about reporting suspected airspace incursions. They are about suspected sightings of unknown aircraft or UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, like drones or balloons) entering restricted airspace.

UFO aficionados often give credence to military reports of UFOs as some evidence that they are advanced, possible alien, technology. So I'm hopeful that this currently unidentified object will eventually be identified, and provide a little perspective as to how fighter jets might be scrambled for something unidentified, yet quite mundane.

Of course, that doesn't mean other sightings are NOT aliens.
From the story as reported in this link https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/26/politics/white-house-lockdown-airspace/index.html, it seems at least one fighter jet pilot saw a flock of birds..

However, air traffic control audio reviewed by CNN showed that the responding military aircraft, operated by a pilot going by the call sign "Blackjack," did report seeing a flock of birds while in the air.

Pilot: "And we, uh, almost just hit a flock of birds here at about one thousand three hundred."

Control: "Blackjack, you see the direction they're going?"

Pilot: "Yeah, they're going north, northwest."
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NORAD Will Neither Confirm nor Deny a Flock of Birds Caused White House Lockdown

...Although the above article is more of a click-bait interesting story. It could seem to suggest that NORAD is hiding something because they will neither 'confirm nor deny' the story.......and can become semi-viral especially if people do not read the entire article, or they simply rely on article "headlines". (It's known to happen)
For example, if a staff writer of a semi-popular website asks NORAD about an event in a recent incident, and they do not to reply.....does that mean "neither confirm nor deny" ??
Even if they re-corresponded with the precise words "We can neither confirm nor deny", that does mean there is something being hidden? It could mean many things.....

1) NORAD does not want to reveal radar methods to the public, around the D.C. area.
2) NORAD has yet to finalize their investigations.
3) The radar detection was possibly misinterpreted as a threat (an embarrassing admission)
4) ....they are not telling us something very important.
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To be accurate, they don't put jets up very often and did not in this case.

There's a pair of MH-65C helicopters parked on a ramp at DCA for this business. The Coast Guard bought seven MH-65Cs for this task, but there's almost always two parked in good old plain sight. There's not really ramp space for more three anyhow, so where the others are is beyond my knowledge. They're painted in Coast Guard colors and listed on the Coast Guard website (local lore holds that "someone else" operates them). They send up the helicopters for slow moving targets. However, they do a lot of training flights.

For fast moving targets, they use the DC ANG F-16s that are based at Andrews. They don't seem to go up for ADIZ reasons as often, because the fighters are way too fast for engaging general aviation, which appears to be the most common cause.