The Infraction System for enforcing the politeness policy

Mick West

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A rule is useless unless it is enforced. So I have to enforce the politeness policy. I've done this so far with PM warnings, editing posts, and then short-term bans if that does not work.

Since the workload for doing this is getting a bit high, I'm trying out a new system. I apologize in advance if this annoys people, or seems overly draconian or impersonal, but I remain committed to keeping things polite, so need to explore some options.

Basically posts can now be flagged by the moderators as being "infractions". And infraction has a number of points. If a person gets a certain number of points within a certain period, then they automatically get banned for a number of days, or put into a "moderated" state where their post have to be approved.

The system will be refined over time.

Hopefully there will not be too much use for it.

Mick West

Staff member
Is people see a post that they think violates the politeness policy then feel free to report it with the "report post" button.

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Is people see a post that they think violates the politeness policy then feel free to report it with the "report post" button.

AH HA! Employing a system of sycophantic snitches? :)
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