Sunlit contrail, Cambridgeshire, UK causing media flap 15th April 2020


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Reported in The Sun newspaper in the UK. Sighting over Cambridgeshire, UK on 15th April 2020.



From following article in UK newspaper The Sun.

The flight is visible during 19 UTC/GMT on Wednesday 15th April 2020.

Boeing 777, QR8101/QTR8101 Qatar Cargo, registration A7-BFL. It was flying from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Chicago, US and flying in a westerly direction over Cambridgeshire at 34,000 feet.

Yellow arrow denotes the filming location Stretham, Cambridgeshire. The person film indicates that he was filming in the direction of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, which is west of his location.

Gerry said he was looking towards Huntingdon as he watched it descend, but stressed the object might have landed "well beyond that.

QTR8101filming location.jpg

QR8101/QTR8101 noted flying over Wales as it headed for the North Atlantic routes.


Flightradar24 playback link for QR8101/QTR8101. Playback starts over Cambridgeshire, England.

Google Map link for filming location Stretham, Cambridgeshire, England. Huntingdon is west of Stretham.