Stratospheric passenger flights are likely an inefficient geoengineering strategy

Mick West

Staff member
Note that's with all flights raised above the tropopause, and with the high sulphur fuel in ALL flights.

Putting those numbers into perspective, the 5x sulfur give 0.1 (hardly a dent). 50x would be more significant, but that huge increase in sulfur would have other problems.


George B

Extinct but not forgotten Staff Member
But . . . what if there are dedicated flights that boost the aerosol concentration of sulfur compounds in addition to the domestic laced sulfur fuels. . . would it not greatly reduce the amount of dedicated injection required . . .

Steve Funk

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Interesting paper.
For SO2 we have used an emission index of 1.2 g kg-1​ (fuel) (Barrett et al 2010)

They are predicting that sulfur emissions would be 0.12% of the fuel burned. If there was a deliberate geoengineering program using a separate sulfur tank and a separate spray nozzle, the amount of sulfur injected would probably be more than 50% of the amount of fuel burned, depending on the specs of the plane used. Of course, there are a lot of passenger flights and the aircraft would not have to be dedicated to geoengineering.
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