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I'm having some trouble getting/staying signed in. I'll sign in via the boxes at the top of the page, and the page saying, "Thank you for signing in" will pop up, but when I'm redirected to whatever page I signed in on, it's still showing me as guest. And once I do manage to get signed in, occasionally navigating around the site I'll alternately show up as signed in and as guest. Has anyone else had this problem? I wouldn't mind except it makes it hard to keep track of new posts and such if I'm not signed in. Thanks!
I'm having the same problem. I'll sign in from the main forum page, a notification pops up thanking me for signing in, when I get redirected back to the main forum page it looks like I'm signed out again. My name will appear in the active users list but I can only post as a guest.

Today, when I first arrived at the main forum page (before even attempting to log in), the status bar at the top right corner of the page said I was signed in as GuitKitty ???? Although, I had no access to GuitKitty's profile or setting.

Using Firefox 13.0.1, cookies, Java, java script. I have a static IP if that helps.

One more thing. Sometimes I'll be logged in and everything appears to be working fine but I will not be able to attach pictures to a post. Something about not having the right permissions.
Wow, that's . . . really strange. How on earth would you be signed in as me? I guess I'm glad it was apparently a glitch and you weren't able to access my account (not that I don't trust you specifically, Trigger Hippie, but there are certainly folks on this site that I absolutely would not trust.) I haven't had any trouble posting once I manage to get signed in, but I'm new to the site and so far have only submitted fairly simple posts with an occasional hyperlink.

Very strange, indeed.
Very sorry this is happening, I suspect it's one of the caching things I have installed to speed things up. I'm going to look into it and try a few fixes.
Aha, I've managed to replicate the problem in Firefox. Which means I'll be able to fix it, eventually. Stay tuned!
Thanks Mick. It looks like I'm on, if you still need to know that. And this is GuitKitty. Can't get signed in. :p

ETA: I couldn't get signed in, but when I submitted the reply, I was suddenly signed in. Yay!
I think I have fixed it. I had a badly configured Varnish cache.

You have to tick "remember me" below - then all is well...

Indeed, and that was partly the problem, I never noticed it going wrong, because I always had "remember me" checked.

Please let me know if it happens again, thanks!
Ah, okay. I use the site a lot at work and I don't click the "remember me" option on anything on my work computer. :) Thanks for the quick response!
Seems like I did not entirely fix it yesterday. But it should be fixed now! fingers crossed.