'Mr Peanut' balloon UFO in Canada


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There may be a relevant thread for this already, but on a quick search for keywords I couldn't find one, and the story has some amusement value.

While searching the online news for something completely different, I came across this news report about a UFO sighting in Mississauga, Canada:


The 'sighting' got widespread exposure on YouTube and social media, but according to local residents who got a better look at the 'UFO', it was in fact a balloon mascot for a brand called Mr Peanut.

“He’s got his top hat, his monocle, his cane, so stand down. No aliens in Mississauga.”

Not to be confused with the US Navy's 'Acorn'.


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This is allegedly a photo of the Mr. Peanut hot air balloon from the same flight. I am not sure I can make out Mr. Peanut in the original UFO video, but if this was in fact flying around in the area at the time, I'm comfortable with saying "case closed."1631631490791.jpg

I will resist the temptation to make some joke about "UFO nuts," because I am a serious person.