More information videos here.

OK so this may not be something to debunk about, but I came to this site to look for information and I have found a few videos that have also helped myself and other people to learn about the issue of this conspiracy theory. But I am also looking for more information videos like these ones, so if any of you come across any that I have not posted here or any that have not been posted on this tread yet please do so and of course do feel free to debunk any information in them that you think is not true or credible.

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I applaud your enthusiasm, "Rusty", but there are a lot of videos there, in one post.

Something that I've come to understand is this: Many who visit the MetaBunk site do so using various devices, and don't always have full access to the Megabit speeds/plans needed for videos.

I'm here on my home computer, so it's not an issue....but, for others, a possible different story.

Can you please break out each video, with a brief description of your own, as to what you feel it is relevant to?


BTW....#7 in the list, "Chemtrails: Size and Sylphiness" happens to be just ONE of my personal favorites....I link to it lot, as it happens! ;)
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Thanks WeedWhacker I am making a start on your suggestion right now and I will get back to finishing the job later today when have a little more time.

First this one, as someone who protests against stupid mining and how bad coal power production is on our environment, I found this video very helpful when talking or chatting on the net with other environmental activist.

This was the first video I found on youtude apart from all the chemtrailist ones which just weren't sounding credible to me, it is a great way of looking at this conspiracy theory.

And this one the tittle says it all and explains why they didn't look like that when I was a kid, a very good video to show to anyone who says that to you.

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I am making a start on your suggestion right now

OK...again, I've "been there, done that" and the Posting Guidelines are a great source to use for guidance.

Some commentary for the I've said, I probably have seen many of these before, and can easily access them from my laptop or home computer (with a streaming home-based Internet connection)....but, those on an iPad or SmartPhone, or some other device?

Or....(choke) ....Google 'Glass'? ;)

Helps to have a bit of narrative descriptive text.

Mick West

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Yeah, lists of videos are not that useful. Ideally they need to be tied to a particular claim of evidence, and with text explaining how it debunks that claim.

Just "watch this" videos will not get watched.
Yeah, lists of videos are not that useful. Ideally they need to be tied to a particular claim of evidence, and with text explaining how it debunks that claim.

Just "watch this" videos will not get watched.

I tend to agree and I do use the video that talks about a particular claim to show the floors in that particular claim when I am posting comments or replies on facebook or in emails, especially because there are so many chemtrail video's on youtube and I get sent or see far to many of them and it is great to use ones like the ones I have posted here as replies. I will do some comments on each of these video's I have listed here to help make them to be more useful as I have found using these video's in my replies has been more effective at stopping stupid replies and insults from chemtrailers, than to post links from this web site or the contrailscience web site I am sad to say, ever if I do like both these web sites a lot myself, I am now dealing with far to much negative feed back to use them directly in my replies to hardcore chemtrailers any more. I do thank you and everyone who has put out so much good information on these 2 sites and as far as I have seen totally credible information about this conspiracy theory and I will keep checking them to see if there is any information I can use myself to help inform people of some facts. I am very happy to have a new video to use also, the one from the TV news/weather reporter meteorologist and I am looking forward to seeing any more that anyone may know of. Thanks
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